Where I Praise Biden

Wow, folks, this is big. Biden said yesterday on ABC News that the immigration process for Central America will be changed – and that it will happen soon! – to let people apply in place. Meaning that they won’t have to drag themselves across three countries and sit in detention at the border. They will be able to apply from where they live. Like all other civilized countries are doing.

No, this won’t solve all immigration problems. This won’t even solve most. But this is a gigantic step in a good direction. I’ve been for this for I don’t know how long. This whole practice of applying for asylum at the border is outdated. It had been born before internet, and it needs to go. It’s inhumane and it helps cartels and gangs. It tortures people. It’s devastating Central America.

The plan Biden described is verbatim what I’ve been ranting about at every opportunity. I’m really really glad, and I hope it happens. Trump never tried this, by the way. Contrary to the lies spread by WashPo, he never tried anything much on immigration, and I’m resentful. Obviously, Obama or Bush before him did absolutely nothing about this either. If things finally start moving now, what a great thing that will be.

One thought on “Where I Praise Biden

  1. “they won’t have to drag themselves across three countries”

    I agree it will be very good if the Biden administration can get this done.

    “devastating Central America.”

    It would be a welcome change if the US stopped doing that…


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