The Movie Experience

I went to the movies, my friends. We saw Raya and the Last Dragon. It’s a wonderful, wonderful movie. Of course, they could play a soap commercial on a loop and I’d love it because the whole experience of finally being at the movies made everything feel intense. When the words “welcome back to the movie theater” appeared on the screen before the show, I cried.

The movie is typical Hollywood. Borders are bad, that kind of thing. But it has beautiful graphics. And it does teach that the virus that brings the whole planet to a standstill can be vanquished if people start trusting each other and stop treating each other with fear and suspicion.

The previews were really funny. One showed a movie about an extremely wholesome little girl who saw God and performed miracles. The one right after featured a large group of scantily clad teenagers wiggling their butts. I’m not sure there’s a plot. All the preview showed was the wiggling.

“The two Americas,” I remarked to N.

I didn’t go to the movies more than once a year before COVID but now I want to go a lot.

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