The Flu Flu

OK, I have come across an even more annoying variant of “have you been vaccinated for COVID?”

It’s “have you had your flu shot?” I have, so I said yes.

“No,” the person replied aggressively. “I mean the FLU flu. You know. COVID.”

If you think COVID is “just like flu,” then why are you so aggressive about vaccines?

Not only am I constantly and aggressively solicited to provide private medical information, I now have to make an effort and guess what people mean by the “flu flu.”

2 thoughts on “The Flu Flu

  1. I recently had COVID. I was like a cold, nothing major. On the other hand, I’ve had a flu one time and I felt so sick I thought I will die. However, back then when I was sick like a dog, nobody gave a damn, not even my parents because ‘it’s just a flu’. When I had COVID and all I had to do to feel better was to put warm socks on, I had people calling me out of concern.

    If every flu death was amplified and talked about endlessly, would people be so casual about it? Would people let their kids go to school? Yet, somehow we managed to go on for a century without being neurotic about it. The people I know who are most terrified of COVID and want the lock downs to go on forever are in my age and in decent physical shape. They would get through it just fine. Why can’t we just do whatever we can to protect the ones who are at risk and stop with the hysteria already.


    1. A friend who’s very athletic and in good health had mono. It was terrible. She couldn’t recover for a year. You just don’t know how stuff will affect you. It’s an unfortunate part of life, this unpredictability.


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