A Good Diversity Training

This sounds extremely refreshing:

In a diversity and inclusion training for Free Library of Philadelphia staff last week, a presenter told the nearly 200 attendees to avoid terms like white supremacy and systemic racism because they were overused, distracted from solutions, and focused on just one race. White privilege — which she called “one of the other myths out there” — was another to avoid.

Of course, now the snowflake employees say they have PTSD from the workshop. Because it’s totally not offensive to people who have actual PTSD from being in a war zone or that kind of unimportant, trivial thing.

There are more details about the training at the link. It sounds actually good. I hope Dr Brandi gets a lot more invitations to give talks. She sounds surprisingly lucid for somebody in diversity circles.

One thought on “A Good Diversity Training

  1. I watched the portion of the video that apparently caused the upset. Really, the problem here is that her argument includes a very nuanced approach to equity, and not everyone is able to hear and accept it. Just the way a lot of whites are put off by the terms white fragility or whites privilege, her audience was likely put off by her claim that using these words is counterproductive in certain contexts. She’s right, though. Naming a problem does not mean the problem will be solved. We need to build bridges instead of burning them.


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