AMLO Speaks Out

Central American leaders liked Trump and are very worried by Biden destroying Trump’s achievements on migration. First, El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele – who has sky-high approvals in his country – spoke out, begging Biden to stop undoing the progress Central America made with Trump’s policies. Now the leftist president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador has spoken out, too.

One of the delusions of the US left is that open borders are a gift to Latin America. They aren’t. They are a catastrophe, a scourge.

The veins of Latin America are still open, and today they are bleeding the greatest treasure of Latin America, which is its people.

We are moving in the direction of the US organizing a nifty little coup to remove Bukele from power to stop his opposition to this neocolonial despoliation.

3 thoughts on “AMLO Speaks Out

  1. “One of the delusions of the US left is that open borders are a gift to Latin America”

    I’d say the biggest delusion is that time doesn’t change things… most leftist leaning people (not all by any means but still far too many) get stuck at the point of greatest or most visible repression and can’t process that change could happen (or has happened) that should change policy preferences.

    This combines with the American focus (across the political spectrum) on the individual without looking at the context of the country of origin or destination.


    1. I saw somebody argue on Twitter that cancel culture is a right-wing phenomenon because Dixie Chicks were cancelled 20 years ago. That things might have changed in 20 years never crossed this poor guy’s mind.

      I still see people earnestly respond to arguments about what is happening today with points about the Reagan administration. Yes, today’s Democrats are the new Reagan and the new McCarthy. The policies were bad then and are bad now but the party pursuing them has changed.


      1. I especially love it when people triumphantly roll out the huge breaking news that the first neoliberal immigration amnesty was Reagan’s. Yes, of course. And guess who is the party of neoliberalism today and is doing exactly what Reagan did.


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