No Change

The CDC changed its social distancing guidelines to 3 feet. Yet my university is staying with 6 feet until at least next January.

This idiocy will never end because nobody cares about “science.” It’s all about turning us into an online diploma mill under the flimsiest pretext. There’s absolutely no plan to return to a 100% in-class teaching EVER.

4 thoughts on “No Change

  1. I am utterly convinced that we have to stop treating anyone still jumping through NPI hoops (or forcing others to do so) as though they’re uninformed or scared, and start treating them as though they’ve been brainwashed by a cult. I keep hearing that we’ll never get out of this until we stop doing the things. I think we’ll never get out of it until we behave as though everyone still “doing the things” and/or requiring us to “do the things” is an irrational, brainwashed lunatic.

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  2. Wow. We’re completely in person in fall. In normal sized classrooms. No changes for the rest of this term, but moving classroom at this point would be silly.


  3. It’s very likely illegal and they are very likely going to get sued. My university tried to make flu vaccines mandatory this fall for students and faculty (as a dry run for COVID vaccines) and had to backtrack once they got sued. Its likely Rutgers will run into the same thing as well.
    Btw this is the sort of thing quite a few of my colleagues would like to see. I recently got into a fight on our faculty mailing list when I suggested this violates the rights of our students. Later on it occurred to me that I could have said that this raises “an equity issue” and then let wokeness take care of it. 🙂


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