Something Bigger

Back in Ukraine, when severe drug addiction was new, a narcologist spoke on TV and said, “you can’t cure drug addiction unless you recognize that drugs give intense pleasure.”

Everybody was shocked. How can he? What an evil thing to say!

But it’s true. And it’s the same with neoliberalism. It has big defects but it also brings enormous advantages.

It’s the same with surveillance capitalism. People trade their humanity for something they value more.

And it’s the same with lockdowns.

This is why describing the negatives is a waste of time. Drug addicts know they are killing themselves. Lockdowners and screen-lovers know they are torturing children. But they don’t care. They are getting something bigger than this.

6 thoughts on “Something Bigger

    1. It’s a good summary. But the last sentence I disagree with. For years we have discussed on this blog what the plan was for the “wasted lives,” the unnecessary, excess population that couldn’t be employed or accommodated in the digital economy. Now we are seeing the plan. They will be locked up, declared ideologically and physiologically dangerous, pumped full of meds, rendered immobile and infertile. That’s the plan.

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      1. “locked up, declared ideologically and physiologically dangerous, pumped full of meds, rendered immobile and infertile. That’s the plan”

        You need to be that clear and explicit more… lots of people don’t get it otherwise….

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        1. I asked my colleagues who love “remote teaching,” “If one can teach as effectively on a screen, what’s the argument to defend the idea that the screen has to be in Illinois? Or in the US? Why can’t the screen be in Ecuador and the person sitting in front of it get paid 10% of what we do?”

          “Well, the union will defend us from being outsourced,” they say.

          “Our collective bargaining agreement says it’s ok to fire tenured professors for budgetary concerns. So once again, what’s the argument we are planning to use?”

          Of course, now everybody hates me. But I still haven’t heard what the argument is going to be.


  1. “drugs give intense pleasure”

    I’m reminded of a class about the evolutionary origins of homo sapiens some years ago.

    “Why do human beings have sex?” the professor (a middle aged woman) asked about 10 mostly grad students.
    After a few minutes of stammering and mentions of “evolutionary advantages” and “genetic variation” and “pair bonding” and she looked at us as if we were not very bright 14 year olds and answered her own question: “It. Feels. Good.”

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