Geese are nesting, which makes them aggressive. They come to my office balcony door and tap on it with their beaks, slobbering over the glass. I like to keep the balcony door open but it’s impossible while the geese are aggressive because if they walk into the office, I will never be able to explain to the building management how that happened. We aren’t allowed to keep windows open because it’s unsafe or whatever. I use a credit card to jiggle the lock and open the balcony door illegally.

5 thoughts on “Visitor

  1. Handsome Canada goose but you’re right not to let it indoors. They can be aggressive when in breeding mode and also make an awful mess. But the goslings are very cute, so something to look forward to.


  2. I went to a school where they employed a man who trained his dogs specifically to keep the dogs away from campus during the day. They didn’t eat them or endanger them—just chased them back to the pond they lived around when they got too near. Maybe this is what your school needs?


      1. “The dogs kept the geese away”

        That probably depends on a lot of factors… I knew a family that had dogs (mostly German shepherds) and geese and the geese (big and loud) chased the dogs around at least as much as vice versa…


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