The New ACLU

This is in response to Arkansas banning medical gender transition for children.

I’m so old I remember when supporting the ACLU was what good people did. Good people remained the same but ACLU became horrid and completely dishonest.

7 thoughts on “The New ACLU

  1. There are always positions the ACLU takes that one can find one disagrees with. They support all kinds of free speech, including a famous Nazi march in Illinois when I was a child. It doesn’t mean they were “once good” and “now bad,” etc.


      1. People are being put on jail for opening up their little store or a tiny local gym. Where’s the ACLU? Children are deprived of education. Where’s the ACLU? People are barred from raising money for legal defense in 1/6 cases. What has ACLU to say about that? What does it have to say about the unprecedented civil rights violations we are experiencing?

        Absolutely nothing. But they do have time to lobby for chopping off breasts of teenage girls.


    1. I don’t know. I feel like they are really a branch of the Democratic Party, but they support these isolated really weird high profile cases because then they can claim to be non-partisan. I saw on social media that Reopen Schools CA contacted ACLU and begged them to take their case, but they refused on technical grounds. So a real human rights case that has merit but goes against the blue party-line they would refuse.

      It’s similar to how the NYT keeps Ross Douthat on. Douthat is a total idiot, and that’s why he’s employed. His purpose is to (a) show the NYT readers what idiots conservatives are and (b) let NYT claim that they keep one on the rolls. All the while, the paper ignores real conservative voices of merit.


  2. Things like the ACLU are a bit like nightclubs.

    In the beginning nightclubs are fun and full of only the coolest people. After a while, people who aren’t cool learn about the nightclub and follow the cool people there, which makes many of the cool people leave and makes the nightclub suck.

    A while after that, no cool people go to the nightclub anymore while many uncool people follow the cool ones to some new place across town, which turns the nightclub into a dive full of junkies, pimps, and prostitutes who will do anything for money.

    Take a guess which phase the ACLU is in.

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    1. Totally the pimps and prostitutes stage.

      Seriously, people get arrested abc thrown in jail for opening a small store while Walmart has been open with no problem throughout the pandemic. And the ACLU is utterly uninterested. But they did something good in 1978, so how dare anybody criticize them today.


      1. It is common where I live for every law firm and legal practitioner in the city to refuse cases or clients who oppose local politicians or government departments. Practically everything has been co-opted.

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