Hold Out

If you are absolutely forced to get vaccinated for COVID, hold out for the Novavax. Of course, it will probably be pushed out of business and destroyed over this vaccine but there might be a small window of opportunity to use it to pacify the rageful mobs.

18 thoughts on “Hold Out

  1. Do you have random COVID testing at your place and how do you feel about it? Has anyone refused? What happened to them?


    1. Yes, I get these invitations to random testing regularly. They try to entice me with promises of $5 gift cards. I don’t go because that testing site is literally a bacteria spreading joint. Also, since asymptomatic people don’t transmit, testing healthy people is a waste of time.

      My shirking isn’t penalized because the administration doesn’t want to do it. But the union wants us shirkers to be hounded and hassled.


      1. Our university pulls people for random testing and they have to sign over HIPPA rights, so the university can see all of their medical records. This is on pain of termination, it now seems. It comes from HR which is a consultancy, outsourced HR department.


        1. “It comes from HR which is a consultancy, outsourced HR department”

          Holy mother of hell they are turbo-charging the destruction of US universities…. there will be nothing left in a few years…. (how much is left now?)

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        2. Jesus Lord. This is horrid. I’m very grateful to my administration for not allowing this sort of thing.

          It’s also ridiculous that this should be an arbitrary thing that depends on each administration’s personal fancy.

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          1. Ours has signed over a lot of authority to this HR consultancy, and they are VERY inappropriate. I am quite sure this is illegal and against university policy, but now it has to be fought. Someone apparently said they would not sign and got threatened with termination


  2. Also: do you think it is worse than random drug testing? We’ve had that for years and nobody complains, but they are complaining about random COVID testing. People are also sometimes forced to give up mental health and other records, or submit to medical examinations mandated by the university. There hasn’t been an uprising about that although some have successfully gotten to go to their own doctors, at least. What is it like on these matters chez vous?


    1. lb, do they randomly drug test adjunct and tenured faculty at your institution?

      With these things, I feel like there is a two tiered system of scrutiny — if you are a drone/support staff you get endless surveillance and intrusion and if you are middle management or higher you get none, even if it makes sense to do otherwise.

      A lot of discussion around surveillance and intrusion smacks of people being very angry and shocked that rules that have applied to others for years are being extended to them. They don’t really object to this on principle.


      1. It’s definitely two-tiered: I was drug tested exactly once in my entire working life (local govt. job). My brother has been tested dozens of times.

        I’m not sure that’s evidence of some sort of discrimination, though: all my jobs were fairly tame, indoor, books-and-computers stuff. His nearly all involved operating company vehicles or other heavy equipment. I can see where those employers might care more about him using drugs (while operating expensive machinery), than my employers would care about me using drugs (while doing bulk data entry). He got paid more than I did, as a rule.


    2. Yes, it’s worse. Drug tests produce results. PCR tests for COVID don’t. The creators of the test insist that it wasn’t meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. It doesn’t diagnose who has COVID or who can spread it. What it does is completely different and creates inflated “case” numbers that reflect no reality.

      The World Health Organization agrees with what I’m saying. It strongly recommended decreasing the spin cycle of the PCR to avoid creating these meaningless inflated case numbers.

      If instead of the PCR we used an actual diagnostic test that actually shows live virus, I’d have absolutely nothing against it. But it does nothing of the sort. Instead, it justifies lockdowns because it’s very easily manipulable.

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  3. My husband works in a retail pharmacy. They recently started giving the vaccines. People had to make an appointment, and they were booked for weeks solid. In the last week or so, they ran out of the J&J vaccine, which is what they initially had, and I believe it is one of the traditional ones. They switched to Moderna. As soon as people with appointments found out, the bookings fell off a cliff. Nobody wants it. People who’d been waiting weeks for an appointment were cancelling once they found out it was Moderna and not the J&J.

    Gives me hope, really. This is the general public, not people-I-know. And they’re not just going along with it.


    1. Good. I’m very glad. It means that people aren’t so apathetic that they can’t even be bothered to Google before putting it into their bodies.


  4. For those who are terrified of getting vaccinated, Johnson and Johnson is probably a better bet than Norovax: 1) Its the most “traditional” in terms of how it works and 2) the only one that is approved for one


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