And by the way, my attitude of doing things with people in mind first and foremost is bearing fruit. Two colleagues went above and beyond for me today. One made huge efforts to correct a big fuckup I committed (yes, I’m human, I mess up) that he didn’t have to make. Another interrupted his sabbatical to help me out with something personal.

And I’m also seeing people quietly respecting my foibles of which I have many (like not being cc-ed on emails without some dire necessity or not asking the secretary to do things).

Everybody is truly collegial, in the best sense of the word. Peace, love, bubble gum.

One thought on “Collegial

  1. I reminded a colleague today (in person at work–which was wonderful!) that in the end, we won’t remember the work, we will remember the people we worked with and our relationships with them. Therefore, it behooves us to be kind and respectful. And to love as fiercely as possible.

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