Too Much Identity

Why is everything about identity with people on the Left? They’ve even turned masks into an identity symbol (see below).

Why can’t they find meaning in something other than joining a superior, self-righteous, smug mob?

10 thoughts on “Too Much Identity

  1. It’s like people are desperate for anything to give them a sense of identity and belonging.
    It’s just sad, these people are generally very unstable and need pills and medications to keep going.

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  2. “people are desperate for anything to give them a sense of identity and belonging”

    After they’ve discarded everything that could and did give them a sense of identity and belonging because they thought they didn’t need it….

    Identity is like religion, it’s best kept in check through moderate traditionalism as efforts to dismantle it entirely end up boomeranging against those tearing it down.

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  3. Update:

    My Child Asks, ‘Can Israel Destroy Our Building if the Power Is Out?’

    Нью-Йорк Таймс опубликовали статью профессора литературы из Газы, где он рассказывает, как с женой и шестью детьми каждую ночь пережидает очередные ракетные атаки израильской армии. Интересно сравнить с нашим опытом пережидания ракетных атак из Газы тут, внутри Израиля.


  4. “Why can’t they find meaning in something other than joining a superior, self-righteous, smug mob?”

    Because they’ve decided family is stupid and church is evil? This is where insecure people who needed a group identity got it previously…

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    1. “they’ve decided family is stupid and church is evil?”

      To be fair, I can fully understand people that grow up in toxic and/or abusive families not wanting that identity (and the same for some…. extreme religious weirdos).

      My family wasn’t toxic or abusive (weird and marginal in some ways but not toxic or abusive) but I still realized early on that’s not what I wanted for myself and religion has never…. clicked for me. Tried a time or two and…. nuttin’ (same with atheism… tried it and… nuthin’)

      But even then there are things like civic, professional, cultural or charitable engagement and lots of other things that would be more positive than the choices people do make like political identity based on empty symbolism.


  5. It’s amazing how quickly the left stopped proving the masks are essential if preventing the spread Covid and adapted them as a sole virtue signaling tool. I’m all for it, it’s going to be easier to identify those who prefer not to think for themselves. They can go to sleep wearing their masks for all I care.

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  6. This does seem the likeliest explanation I’ve read (short and informative article):

    // Почему конфронтация с ХАМАСом в Газе и погромы в городах со смешанным еврейско-арабским населением разразились именно сейчас?

    ХАМАС, как боевой авангард радикальных сил мусульманского мира, и прежде всего Ирана, Турции и Катара, в борьбе с существованием еврейского государства как снаружи, так и внутри Израиля, был послан сорвать и напрочь исключить политический вариант вступления Мансура Аббаса в правительство вместе с сионистскими партиями – в любое правительство – правое или левое.

    В свою очередь, “арабы 48-го года”, как называют израильских арабов исламские радикалы, всегда считались, да и являлись аванпостом мусульманского мира в противостоянии с Израилем.

    Смелое намерение партии РААМ и ее лидера Мансура Аббаса отказаться от позиции и начать “сотрудничество с сионистами”, пусть даже ценой снятия с повестки дня вопросов об “оккупации и беженцах”, стало бы для радикалов потерей стратегического актива.

    Аббас последовательно продвигал свою программу без каких-либо серьезных помех со стороны экстремистов на протяжении почти целого года, в первую очередь потому …


    1. Is it true that somebody was getting evicted based on 19-century documents? I still can’t get over that story. If it’s not true, it’s the most affecting propaganda of all.


  7. After some thought on the original question:

    Everything’s an identity for a lot of modern people. “I like some of X’s music” is more often “I’m a fan of X”. “I think Y had some good ideas about…” is more often “I’m a Y-ian”. Why did “I like” become “I am”?

    I think it is because we A) were raised in an essentially rationalist/materialist (ultimately: Calvinist?) culture, and B) have had decades of indoctrination in the “I’m OK, You’re OK, everybody gets a trophy” mindset. I don’t think people properly realize how toxic and disempowering this is.

    Because if nothing exists outside the material plane, then everything going on inside my head is ME. Every passing thought is a manifestation of my True Self ™, right? Because there’s no other option. And everything I’ve been told growing up says I have to love and accept myself exactly the way I am and that my parents, friends, lovers, and everyone around me should also accept me exactly the way I am. And remember, everything going on in my head is ME! Do you see how horrifying this is yet? Hint: it’s a godsend to marketing departments.

    It means that wanting to change something about your thoughts and feelings is inherently wrong. It’s a sin against your True Self ™. It doesn’t admit the possibility of having feelings or thoughts that can or should change because they were formed on the basis of wrong information, bad models, etc. It doesn’t admit the possibility of pathological thought patterns that can and should be changed. It doesn’t admit the possibility that outside influences — advertising, media, entertainment, education, peers, propaganda, angels, demons, egregores, devas, spirits, whatever– are responsible for a huge proportion of the thoughts that flit through your head.

    We’re materialists: we’re not allowed to differentiate between “our thoughts” and “our selves” (and remember! We have to LOVE ourselves! So we have to embrace every thought that trips through our brains…). If you enjoy listening to Adele’s music, you are not a person who happens to get some enjoyment from Adele’s music: YOU ARE an Adele fan. If you think Marx was right about some things, YOU ARE a Marxist. If you’ve ever had a sexual thought about someone not of the opposite sex, why, YOU ARE queer. If you have ever had an incorrect thought about race, why, that wasn’t a passing thought caused by something you read or saw: it was YOU, and YOU ARE a racist. Not just a person who had a fleeting racist thought (and further, you can’t change your True Self, so clearly the only solution is to unperson/execute racists: they can’t be cured).

    Traditional religions, of course, have long-established practices for combating this. Which is why they’re threatening, now. At the most primitive level, you can simply switch your hierarchy of allegiances, so that I AM a Christian/Buddhist/Muslim/Sikh/Hindu/etc. supersedes all one’s other identities, which gives you a reasonable decision-making hierarchy: I AM a (religious identity) before all these other identities, so anything in the subsidiary identities that conflicts can be kicked to the curb without guilt. But I’d venture that any religion that’s been around more than a thousand years or so has already got much more sophisticated models than that. Orthodoxy has got it covered. The tidbits I know about Buddhism: yeah, they deal with that. There is a practice of examining one’s thoughts, and asking “Where did this come from?” that modern American culture finds completely impossible.

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