Garage Sale Tips

I’m going to hold my very first garage sale. Or yard sale, as it’s known in other places.

Does anybody have any tips? How to go about organizing it? What are the most common mistakes?

6 thoughts on “Garage Sale Tips

  1. Have a price tag on everything or at least know what you want for it. When you advertise, include “some free stuff” – put different people in charge of different stuff. It can get busy.

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  2. When you advertise, put in the main categories of stuff you’ll have, and be fairly specific if space allows eg: “girls’ clothing size 4-7, furniture,ping-pong table, books, dishes” That way people looking for those particular things will go out of their way to check out your yard sale.


  3. ” my very first garage sale”

    Have you gone to many? That’s probably the best preparation… and/or put N in charge of the money (if you can drag him out of the house to interact with…. human beings (yech!))


  4. Ditto on having a price in mind. Though sometimes people offer more than you’d think so sometimes ask what they would like to pay. I sold some game playing cards at a very nice price to both me and the buyer (I’d gotten them more free and they’d have cost 5x as what was offered, new). Try to have bags people can put purchases in. And a way to test any electronic items – extension cord, batteries.


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