Folks, did you see the Fauci email dump? I was right about everything this whole time. The virus did come from a lab, it was engineered and modified on purpose, it was done as part of a research project paid for by the NIH under Fauci’s supervision, masks don’t work, etc.

This is one of many emails. Look up the rest if you are interested.

We’ve been massively had. And there’s still no effort to find out what other viruses are being cooked up in that Wuhan lab and what the chances are of their release.

23 thoughts on “#FauciDump

  1. Never had any doubt.

    I’ve been saying exactly what you are saying, all along, since the very beginning, as soon as I found out – after all the media gaslighting about bats, mysterious eggs and wet markets – that Wuhan was the seat of a virology lab.
    I live in the first European country to have been badly affected by the virus: Italy.
    Who knew that until February 2020 there were three direct flights from Milan intercontinental airport to Wuhan, a city hardly anybody in Europe had EVER heard of, or rather, whose existence hadn’t even been suspected until then?
    In little under a week I discovered that there was a Level 4 virology lab in a city called Wuhan, that there were three direct flights to it from my city, that the vast majority of Chinese immigrants in my city come from that area (over 80%), that people from my city (the good and the great, apparently) thought nothing of flying to Wuhan and back (direct flights are so convenient!) for all sorts of reasons, business, research, work. It took the Italian government almost ONE month and a rising tide of deaths engulfing the North of the country at alarming rates before it suspended all flights to China, because racism, and mirrors and smoke all this time to try and distract people’s attention from the obvious, patent but unspeakable truth staring at them: that the virus had been manufactured in Wuhan, that whether by accident, carelessness, neglect of duty or misadventure it had leaked from the lab and was now devastating the globe. But no, it couldn’t be said, because a medical bureaucracy apparatchik from Ethiopia installed as a favour to China for its bankrolling of the WHO was too busy smokescreening authorities all over the globe while other, complicitous, people in authority from all walks of life – including doctors and scientists who should have known better – were busy gaslighting everybody else.

    And why? Because nobody must point fingers at the Communist, tyrannical, totalitarian, genocidal Chinese giant: business is business, there are deals to be made and the show must go on.

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    1. It’s especially stunning that even now nobody cares. The CNN reports that Fauci’s emails reveal what a wonderful person he is. Most people will believe the news report and never bother to read the actual emails.

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      1. I’ve already seen two different articles reporting on how much Fauci luuuuurves Mrs. Clinton… as if his effusive sucking-up to people with money and power were the most important (and charming!) thing…


    2. Wuhan has the same population as Chicago, and it is an obscure city that no none has ever heard of. This point is probably more important than the existence of any bio weapons labs.


    1. I don’t know what you mean by “damning.” People have been banned, silenced and persecuted for saying that the virus came from a lab, let alone that it’s been modified. And now it comes out that this has been known from the beginning. And absolutely nothing was done about it.


          1. I don’t see an admission that it was engineered. Perhaps speculation, but no admission.


            1. So why was this speculation not made public when the speculation about bats and pangolins was? Why were people persecuted for speculating about the virus being engineered and not fit speculating about bats?


              1. If you’re looking for an indictment of the discourse, fair enough.

                If you’re looking for proof that it was engineered, well, we probably won’t get that unless a whistleblower comes forward with documents from the lab.

                As much as I agree that there are problems with how the media and public health officials have discussed this, I think it’s very dangerous to indict them for not considering a theory that has not yet been substantiated. It’s a huge gamble. If tomorrow somebody finds a person who had COVID in mid-2019 in a city far from Wuhan, after hiking in an area with pangolins or whatever, or finds a wild animal population near Wuhan with a virus either matching or very, very close to COVID, lab-leak theory goes out the window. And, frankly, while lab leak theory is plausible, with the current evidence it’s also plausible that it came from nature.

                I agree that the media should be more open to more theories, but hanging your indictment of the media on a theory that might be falsified tomorrow is a tremendously dangerous gamble. If tomorrow a whistleblower comes forward with documents, fine. But if tomorrow a wild animal near Wuhan turns out to have a similar disease, and dead animal remains show it’s been circulating for a while, you are utterly discredited.

                Wait for more evidence is still the best scholarly approach, even if it’s not the media’s approach.


              2. I have absolutely no problem with accepting new evidence and changing my conclusions. But there won’t be any evidence if this isn’t investigated. There should be a new congressional hearing immediately. Fauci should explain why he denied all knowledge of the gain of function research in his previous testimony.

                Instead, we will see the WH quietly dump Fauci and pretend that nothing happened.


              3. I will say that if the virus turns out to come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in gain-of-function experiments funded by the US government, a metric shit-ton of heads need to roll.

                If not, well, be careful how loud you are in demanding attention to a theory that might fizzle.


              4. Why, though? Why shouldn’t we loudly demand investigation? I’m not afraid of being wrong and I will happily recognize it if I’m proven wrong.


              5. There’s a fine line between saying “This theory is plausible and deserves investigation” and “The media’s credibility is on the line for not taking this theory seriously.” The first is a simple fact. The second ties a cultural conflict to a theory that could be disproved.


    2. There is nothing damning in the emails I’ve read.

      The official US government position is that China needs to come clean and let the outside world do a full investigation. This seems in line with what everybody except China wants.


  2. First off, I do believe in the laboratory leak hypothesis. But I believe it for reasons that simultaneously make it hard for me to understand why everybody attaches so much meaning and emotion to the fact that this particular shit originated from China. Every half-decent country (even Gabon) has level-4 biolabs, and obviously one does not go through the trouble of building such a facility to store and explore something harmless. If you believe Wikipedia, there are several dozens level-4 labs around the world. (Are there direct flights from Milan to Milan? We should cancel those, just in case…)
    I also very strongly suspect that some countries are doing level-4 research in level-3 labs. There must be thousands of those around the world. Most likely every decent university has one. Some nations have non-declared labs involved in biological warfare (just one “official” level-4 lab for the whole Russia is laughable). Sometimes one would accidentally produce a level-4 threat in a lower-level lab. Every now and then something must malfunction. Could have happened anywhere else. If you are particularly anti-Chinese you could argues it could happen anywhere because there are Chinese graduate students everywhere.
    Trying to hide something like that after the fact is also not unique to China or other authoritarian societies – this is how any bureaucracy functions. If you are involved in any kind of politics, even if it is just department-level politics, you know that there are things bureaucracies are trying to hide… Or do not act, because they hope that the problem would go away by itself… And so on.
    As for Western governments being too slow isolating China – isolating China early on would imply admission that the world is dealing with a serious threat, and other measures will be necessary. So, again, Western governments hoped that it all will just go away without them having to make any unpopular decisions. Same argument goes for public health officials like Fauci – one may privately / among close trusted colleagues consider the possibility of virus being artificial, but one does not make public statements that may interfere with managing the pandemic. Lynching some random people of Chinese origin (pretty likely, given the strong emotions people express on this very blog) would not help managing the pandemic… This is natural behavior of bureaucracies, China does not need to pay extra for it (though I accept they may have bribed some WHO officials, just to be extra sure).


    1. I’m sorry, I stopped reading after “lynching some random Chinese people.” This is not a serious discussion. This is the same old “you racist!” that is used to shut up everybody who doesn’t parrot the party line. I have no interest in any of this. I want to know where this virus came from, and there’s absolutely nothing racist or violent in that.


      1. —I stopped reading after “lynching some random Chinese people.”

        then it is good that I mentioned something like that only by the end of my long message. I deliberately did not use the word “racism”, because this word is overused. But let’s do the following thought experiment: Suppose that the outbreak initiated from an Italian level-4 lab. I am not trolling Avi, Italy is a good example because it is definitely a part of the Western world and yet there are certain negative stereotypes about the Italians… If the global outbreak started from Italy, I would be equally concerned about some people beating themselves into the emotional frenzy, and eventually lynching some Italians… But if you believe that the Italians are less likely to be lynched in such a scenario, then you may ask yourself why. OK, let’s grant that being hard to distinguish visually is not about “racism”… But will it be the only difference?


        1. I saw a video the other day, and it’s one of many, of an Asian lady being brutally assaulted in the street for absolutely no reason. We are experiencing here in the US a real, not an imaginary, spate of assaults on Asians and Jews. None of the assaults have anything to do with COVID. None of them are perpetrated by people who spend their time reading articles about furrin cleaves. It would be great if instead of preventing these imaginary lynchings through concealing information, our authorities paid attention to the real assaults that are happening almost on a daily basis. I’m really tired of these efforts to save us from the demons we are supposedly hiding deep inside. I’m tired of the idea that the stupid proles like us can’t handle the truth so the vastly superior individuals have to create an imaginary world sanitized of truth to save us from ourselves. And it’s especially galling that this is happening precisely at the moment when racist attacks against Asians and Jews have intensified.

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    2. “everybody attaches so much meaning and emotion to the fact that this particular shit originated from China.”
      Do you think that if it had happened in another country (a Western one, if that is what you are implying) and that country’s government had lied and tried to hide the evidence, people would not have reacted in a similar way?
      “Every half-decent country (even Gabon)”: I’m not sure that Gabon should be so broadly mischaracterised, or any other country for that matter. What did Gabon DO that was wrong?
      “Are there direct flights from Milan to Milan? We should cancel those, just in case…”
      I feel that this jibe is aimed at something I wrote in my first comment, but I don’t get it, I’m sorry, it’s too subtle for me. There are flights, though, between Milan city airport (Linate) and its international one (Malpensa). Direct flights to China were suspended, not cancelled. I believe they have been reinstated now.
      “Every now and then something must malfunction. ”
      I’m sure you mean may, not must.
      “Lynching some random people of Chinese origin”
      This is unwarranted: please say where anti-Chinese animus is to be found in my comment or elsewhere on this blog, unless you deny that China is Communist, tyrannical or totalitarian. I stand by those adjectives, which describe a government and its authorities, and cannot be construed as a racialised slur (“If you are particularly anti-Chinese”, in your comment).
      “why everybody attaches so much meaning and emotion to the fact that this particular shit originated from China”
      I – like any reasonable people – would have pointed out and condemned the despicable behaviour of a country responsible for such a disaster and dereliction of duty, and the accompanying subterfuges used to bury the evidence, no matter what country had been involved.
      “I accept they may have bribed some WHO officials”
      I did not, and would not, make such a charge against China as I don’t have any evidence for it. However, it is a well-known fact that the WHO is in cahoots with the Chinese authorities, were it only for the fact that China is the second largest donor to the WHO and exerts its influence on it in direct and indirect ways.
      If you read my comment to the end, you will see that it was aimed at Western governments, in particular the US and the EU, whose enormous interests in China make them natural allies of what is instead, their biggest enemy: economically, politically, ideologically, strategically and, ultimately, as a civilization.
      NB I apologise to the blog’s host for taking up so much space in such an umgraceful way.

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