What Cult?

Many people have completely bought into the ridiculous myth that Trump voters are obsessed fans who carry Trump’s photo in their wallets. While there are always die-hard fans (hell, I know somebody who has a photo of Bill Clinton as her desktop wallpaper), most people are completely normal and not in the least obsessed. The cult of Trump is like the cult of Hillary both in size and in its utter irrelevance.

One thought on “What Cult?

  1. With all that has happened over the past decades with political parties – the real question is – how can anyone trust leaders in government? The corruption is so egregious. I always vote-and especially in local municipal elections where my vote really counts-but that doesn’t mean I trust the outcome or the people in power. America is better than other countries–at least for a few more months (or years) but I smell smoke and we all know there’s a dumpster fire blowing from the direction of the government.


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