In Hiding

We are at 103°F plus humidity today, so I’m looking out for my health by going to the swimming pool for an hour first thing in the morning and then hiding in my office and reading 3 books in 15-minute stretches one after another. (It sounds weird to switch between books like this but it’s optimal for my brain.) I read best on my feet, so I roam the empty corridors of my building on campus. Plus, I’m fasting.

It’s ridiculous that I have to treat myself like an invalid but it’s the only way with this climate.

5 thoughts on “In Hiding

  1. Brilliant approach. I’m going to country where there is no air conditioning to sit in the cold-spring fed river and enjoy some stars. Hang in there. Summer won’t last forever.

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  2. The heat is fairly oppressive here, but we haven’t broken 100 yet! On the plus side… I’m losing weight without even trying, because I completely lose my appetite in this weather 😉

    Glad you have access to a pool– that makes a huge difference!


    1. The pool is a local business that went against the governor’s orders, reopened last June, and never required masks or any other silliness since then. Small, local businesses have been an incredible blessing throughout the pandemic. Because of them we have had a normal life for over a year. When I hear what people are forced to do in large chain gyms, I understand why gym attendance is plummeting. At Planet Fitness, for instance, a friend had to exercise in her coat back in February because lockers were closed and she wasn’t allowed to put her coat down on any surface. Obviously, she quit the gym after that experience.


  3. I do the same as far as reading goes. Everyone always asks me how I keep track of multiple books at the same time, but I don’t really have an answer. I just do. My brain just likes it when I read that way; otherwise I get bored and never finish reading anything.


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