Fake Aunt

This woman is a fake, right? She had no nephew, it’s all invented, right?

There’s no human person who’d suffer such a loss and would have any fucks to give what news channels have to say about it.

12 thoughts on “Fake Aunt

  1. You would be wrong. There are many “cyborgs” in society who are plenty happy to capitulate to specific news narratives. We call them whores and scoundrels. Look at Leslie McSpadden. Look at celebrities and specifically children of celebrities. This behavior spans across all ideologies and political parties. I live in St. Louis and see the families of gunshot victims on the news every other night(well, before I quit watching the news).

    I ‘like’ her last sentence; if you have questions, DM me. This is a pathetic virtue signaling posture.

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  2. I voted this post down – I think first time I ever voted down a blog post here – then tried to cancel, but can’t get it to do so.

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      1. Search indicates that they are both real. She’s just from the other side of the looking-glass of belief.

        Basically she’s an outspoken liberal who also spoke up about a probable vaccine side effect. This brought her to the attention of people who distrust the whole Covid spectacle, who were then especially astonished that she still advocates Covid vaccination for children.

        From what I can see, her supporters believe the risk to kids from Covid is small but nonzero, and greater than the risk from Covid vaccines.

        As for her words against Fox News, if you look at her history, she was virulently against Fox in the past, as a source of political disinformation. That Fox’s coverage of her tweet is attracting more critics, would only be confirming that belief for her.

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        1. A real person, wow.

          Well, maybe it’s a coping mechanism. I want to believe the best. But if I were her brother, the father of the dead boy, I wouldn’t be speaking with her again.

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  3. Honestly, my initial thought when I saw the initial post was “um….are you for real?” Personally, I can’t fathom taking to social media after a loss at all, so I tend to be pretty skeptical of anyone who does.

    But when it went from what she posted to “but I’m still totally happy my kids were vaxxed and I’d definitely do it again even now” my BS meter went through the roof. This final post just solidified it. It’s my personal opinion that she realized she’d pushed it too far and people were beginning to investigate her story, and she got scared she’d be found out as a liar. That’s just my gut, though. I have no evidence either way.

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    1. I guess another possibility is that she was lying in hopes of “trapping the anti-vaxxers” into sharing the story as if it was gospel so she could pull a GOTCHA! on anyone who believed her. Instead people started questioning her story almost immediately and instead of coming clean she doubled down until she realized it was going to be personally hazardous for her to continue the charade.

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    2. Yeah, that was really weird, too. “He’s dead but I’m still super psyched I did it to my own kids. Whuuuut?” The posts sound so cold and calculated.

      It’s all very weird.

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    3. Perhaps she wasn’t close to the nephew at all, and is just an attention whore? I withhold judgement in this case, but it seems plausible. Or she made it up for her own mentally-ill reasons. You never know.

      After an unexpected death in our family, internet searches for the obituary turned up several incredibly privacy-disrespecting posts about it on sites with names like MyDeathSpace. It turned out to be a (now-ex) in-law who barely knew the deceased, using it to rack up some kind of creepy goth internet street cred, like “Hey, someone I know died horribly! Look at me!” — so it does totally happen.

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      1. Well, I do have a colleague who tried to wiggle out of a teaching assignment claiming that she was too traumatized by my son’s death to work. Yes, mine. Her children are fine. So yes, there are people like that. I feel compassion for them because they are not normal.

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