Plantation Overseers

On a serious note, García Martínez’s analysis of the situation in the Silicon Valley strikes me as very naive. He sees Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and other CEOs as victims of their woke employees, unable to put an end to leftist lunacy in the workplace. Poor Google, for example, is “limping from crisis to crisis forever,” García Martínez exclaims. Yes, poor, miserable Google. Such a tiny, insignificant, powerless company.

Leftist lunatics in the workplace are the equivalent of BLM goons in the streets. They are brought there on purpose, egged on, and deployed to serve as disciplinarians. They are the plantation overseer, got it? They make sure you work hard for Massa and live in fear. Massa is not their victim. There is no “good Tsar” duped and controlled by his evil ministers.

So let’s stop asking “why is NYTimes allowing 20-year-olds to bully seasoned journalists.” And “why is Google letting a few unhinged harpies terrorize serious people who bring actual value to the company.” This is all done by design.

12 thoughts on “Plantation Overseers

  1. Actually I think he has a point. These organizations are enormously powerful. That makes them magnets for every lunatic whose goal is to hijack the organization and use it to push their own agenda.


    1. My husband is interviewing with one of them today, by the way. It’s a veeeeeery long process. Many interviews spread out over weeks. There is every opportunity to weed out the particularly impressionable, if that were the goal.


        1. I highly doubt it. Generally management is too scared to act. Plus it is generally HR who does the hiring and the vast majority of HR departments are SJW hotspots.


  2. I have some personal experience with these companies both first-hand and second (through prior employment, as well as students, friends, etc). My impression is that things are complicated, so to speak.

    HR is indeed very very woke, but from what I have seen, HR has a very limited role in hiring for technical positions. I am sure Clarissa can confirm this.

    Most of the technical hires when they start out are normal people, and many are immigrants. But “company culture” is very woke — and so everyone gets all manner of indirect signals from the leadership that this is the way to be successful here. And so the transformation happens over time — a good rule of thumb is that the longer someone has been around, the woker they are.

    Occasionally, somebody spins out-of-control in their exercise of wokeness, and then they get fired. From what I have seen, this is what happened to a certain “AI ethicist” who recently got fired from a big company.

    And the cycle continues.

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    1. It wasn’t Twitter HR that banned a sitting president from posting, you know? And it wasn’t FB’s HR that decided to silence people publishing WHO’s guidance on vaccinating young people.

      This isn’t coming from HR. This is at the heart of what these companies are.

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      1. Indeed, it is not HR. The employees are very woke, because they model their behavior on the leadership. Whether the leadership gives out these signals on purpose or out of cluelessness, I don’t know. One thing one has to realize is that fairly minor executives in these companies make immense amounts of money. So perhaps wokeness is a (mis-guided) way for them to virtue signal. I honestly don’t know.


        1. “So perhaps wokeness is a (mis-guided) way for them to virtue signal”

          The old rule* isn’t to figure out what people might be thinking. When you’re puzzled, listen to what they say and assume they’re telling the truth (about what they perceive) then figure out (if it doesn’t make sense) what it could be true of and what else would have to be true for that to be true.
          think of the most insane woke crap from the highest ranking person you can think of: They were telling the truth about how they perceive the world.



          1. “assume they’re telling the truth ”

            Quick example: Jack Dorsey donated/gave 1o million dollars to some Ibram X. Kendi joint…. he supports what Kendi is pushing that much. He’s serious.

            What saying/doing X accomplishes in the real world is a separate question. but you’ll never figure that out until you start believing that people are saying what they believe.

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        2. It is a way for them to virtue signal, but most importantly to make them feel good about themselves, let them see themselves as a force for good in the world.

          As someone who has also had first and second-degree experience with these companies, I completely agree with your description of the situation in your previous comment.

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