Diversity Scam

Museums started selling off paintings by great artists to anonymous private collectors. They are justifying it with the woke blabber about diversity, “white men,” and all that.

Behind every leftist slogan – every single one – there’s some rich bastard making a profit. The very same rich people who are forcing us to adopt this leftist philosophy are ending up with this great art in their private collections. We can’t see these pictures because they are too unwoke. But the people who invented “diversity and inclusion” can see them and own them.

This is all a trick, folks. A scam.

5 thoughts on “Diversity Scam

  1. The worst part is that they will sell the best pieces, the ones that tend to grow in value and draw visitors (bringing in profit) and purchase some worthless garbage that nobody wants or cares to see, which in the end will make them lose money. Look like museums are another branch of society that works really hard to speed up its own demise.


    1. They’ll buy some woke crap with zero artistic value. Strangely, those rich private investors aren’t lining up to buy diversity and inclusion art. I can’t imagine why.

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      1. On the up side, they will be able to let go of all the guards and security systems because who would want to steal a woke masterpiece.

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  2. I don’t like this. At all.

    But a society gets the institutions that it deserves. If the United States has become so degenerate that it will not oppose having classics of Western art sold from public museums to private rich collections, then perhaps — for a generation, or a century, or a historical age — those private rich collections are where the classics need to go. Until 2041, or 2121, or 2521. Until there is a country in the former territory of the United States that is run by grown-ups again, rather than by cowards, Quislings, and fools.

    I’m not writing this because I like it. I’m writing this because I’m thinking about the alternatives to having these classics be sold to wealthy private collectors who, presumably, have the presence of mind to preserve the classics. I’m thinking about what would happen if these classics were simply destroyed, for the greater glory of Wokeianity. And I’m hoping that, at least, I don’t live to see things reach that stage.

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    1. I have to agree, Erich. At least, this way the art will be saved. We’ve gotten to the point where there is definite danger of art starting to get destroyed. Even 5 years ago we’d think this was a fairy tale if somebody came up with this scenario. Things surely changed fast.

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