Wardrobe Colors

Fifteen or ten years ago, the colors of my closet would be 90% black. And this is today:

This is the vacation wardrobe. The one I have at home is obviously larger but the color scheme is the same.

5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Colors

  1. I wonder why? Were you a kind of existentialist à la Juliette Gréco? Or a Mod, or influenced by Punk or Goth styles? Genuinely curious.


    1. I was unhappy and had severe psychological problems. Deeply unhappy people avoid bright, happy colors.

      Bright yellow, the color of sunshine, is the color of psychological health and happiness. I guess I’m a healthier, happier person these days.


      1. ” I’m a healthier, happier person these days”

        Isn’t there an….. age factor as well? Younger people often want to look older/more serious which is why many are drawn to dark colors (and why so many youth subcultures from beatniks, punks and goths go for black) and past a certain age people want to look younger and fresher…

        There’s also people’s natural complexion that makes some colors look better on them. Not everybody can carry off yellow….


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