More Austerity

OK, so what should we do? Fill these committees with white people and be accused of racism? What’s the solution here? It’s all purely academic, of course, because there are no new faculty of any color.

I was on the committee that evaluated position requests this year, and every department had to present an argument on how the new hire would advance diversity goals. It was painful to read people’s arguments on how hiring a professor of geometry or organic chemistry would increase diversity because “organic chemistry is an important part of human existence and there’s no true diversity without a profound understanding of this branch of science.” In the end, nobody got any positions because there’s no money. Instead, the administration bought us all a bunch of books about diversity.

Only a few years ago, I had very positive feelings about diversity. Now I know that it only means austerity, austerity, and more austerity. And the saddest part is that we are all playing along.

7 thoughts on “More Austerity

  1. Where I live, a kind of reparation program exists that is designed to favour one race above others, in order to right a historical wrong. So, members of that race were favoured for every board, government job, contract, board, and even sporting teams.

    The program created a lot of dysfunction and irritation, leading to the problem largely being solved simply by lying. Many people simply began claiming that a remote ancestor was a member of that race and that was that.

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      1. “It seems mostly women take advantage of this kind of thing.”

        Not that I have noticed. It’s everywhere.


    1. “simply began claiming that a remote ancestor was a member”

      If this is the group I think, it’s made easier by the fact that the genes responsible for the characteristic ‘look’ are very recessive and some people with significant verified ancestry don’t look anything like the ‘full-blooded’ members of the group.

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      1. Personally I don’t think that it has anything to do with genes. The main reason that people can get away with this kind of fraud is because definitive records of ancestry do not exist. Government has never compiled such records, even though it would be easy to do.

        In my experience, many people working in government and in various councils prefer that good records do not exist, because in the absence of good records, they themselves become the authority/arbiter of who is from what race and who is not.

        In turn, they can give out money/grants/jobs etc wherever they see fit using ancestry as an excuse/cover story – and so one kind of fraud begets another.

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        1. ” definitive records of ancestry do not exist. Government has never compiled such records, even though it would be easy to do”

          Do the groups themselves keep records? In North America there were a number of what might be called Proto-states among Native American groups (the Iroquois League, Muscogee Confederacy, the Illinois Confederation) and the idea of keeping tribal membership rolls was one they took up very early.
          I was reading a text from the 1930s in which a Muscogee person was complaining that US government policy was making a mess of their tribal rolls.

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          1. “Do the groups themselves keep records?”

            No. The leaders of the several dozen groups/tribes are the same as the public servants/politicians/official academics. They also deliberately refuse to produce comprehensive written records or some kind of census relating to ancestry or even boundaries of ancestral lands, and instead remain the keepers of so-called “oral records”, which has the convenient effect of making it so that they themselves are the only people with the power to annoint someone/somewhere as being part of the tribe/clan/territory.

            In addition to that, they routinely forbid those within their power from talking to outsiders, and often resort to violence should any outsider reveal what is going on in whatever mineral lease or negotiation is happening. The violence makes it dangerous as an outsider to attend meetings in faraway places, and makes it dangerous (or fatal) for any insider to become favoured by an outsider.

            It’s plainly genocide, imo.


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