Found a Principle

It’s kind of stunning to see everybody on the right (including me) suddenly praise Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan. It’s even more bizarre to see the left suddenly criticizing him for, of all things, withdrawing from Afghanistan. I mean, I’m glad they finally found at least one foundational principle but it’s kind of sad that this principle is limited to killing people around the world for their own good. I’m also really glad of being on the side of “mind your own flipping business.”

5 thoughts on “Found a Principle

  1. I’m very happy Biden is following through. The easiest solution would have been to keep the troops there, and continue to kick the can down to the next president.


  2. Yep, I voted for Biden and I’m genuinely glad that he’s doing this. It had to happen at some point, and there was no reason to ask even one more person to die for the mistake of trying to occupy Afghanistan.

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    1. It was also a bi-partisan fuckup. Even though I think Republicans bear greater responsibility for starting the whole thing and turning the whole thing into a quagmire, Obama didn’t do anything to put an end to it. At the latest, we should have been out of there the minute Osama Bin Laden was killed.


  3. I wish I was seeing this from the right wingers I follow, instead I’m mostly seeing “JOE BIDEN HAS FAILED” and “I wanted us to leave of course, BUT insert prevarication.

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