Interesting Development

Wow, I just discovered that the wokest person I know outside of work put her kid in a Christian school for kindergarten, and I just can’t. These are very wealthy people whom I never noticed showing any interest in religion. That Christian school is a lot more hardcore religious than Klara’s. And these are the people who always raised their brows sardonically whenever I mentioned that we go to church.

This is fascinating. Our public schools have sky-high ratings, and they still can’t retain the wealthy, educated crowd.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Development

  1. This is how good Christian schools die. Once there’s a critical mass of such parents, they end up forcing the school onto the political correctness train, or sinking it with legal expenses when they sue for discrimination. They want a better school for their kids, but they don’t understand why the Christian schools are better.

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  2. These people are hypocrites, they should send their kids to public schools like everyone else. They don’t want religion for their kids, they want to be around affluent white people but don’t want to say it. I went to mediocre public schools my whole life and I graduated college with a 3.6 GPA and several academic society memberships, since my parents didn’t stick me in front of a TV to shut me up. Those kids do fine in decent public schools, it’s crappy public schools that suck

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