Invasion of Brain-snatchers

I’ve caught myself saying, “she’s fully vaccinated!” in a defensive voice whenever I mention my sister.

Stupid, angry COVIDiots have invaded my brain.

6 thoughts on “Invasion of Brain-snatchers

  1. A friend did this last night and I’m mad at myself for not calling her out. A neighbor’s sister had died of Covid, age 61, apparently healthy (I’m just repeating her words), “but, you know, she chose not to get vaccinated, so…”

    UGH!! As if by not getting vaccinated you are CHOOSING your own death? As if these are magical substances that make you immortal? And this from a woman who a month ago was herself unvaccinated and laying in a hospital room with Covid.

    The language is insidious. Kudos for noticing it.


  2. Nobody thinks the COVID vaccines are magic substances that make people immortal; we (as in reasonably educated, post-Enlightenment individuals) just realize that the vaccines make it much MUCH less likely to get seriously ill from or die of COVID. Deaths are now almost 100% occurring among the unvaccinated. Those who choose not get vaccinated don’t deserve to die, but they are greatly increasing their risk of an unnecessary, premature, and painful death. And the reasons that people have for not getting vaccinated are so sad and ignorant: fears of gene therapy, magnets, conspiracy theories, general anti-vaccine rhetoric. Vaccines have changed the face of the modern world for the absolute better (and we have had vaccine mandates in this and most western counties for decades). It is shocking to me that people continue to be so afraid of them. It’s all very sad and medieval.


    1. What is it, an invasion of the primitive? This is not a blog for the simple-minded. I expect a certain level of intellectual sophistication from my readers, and this childish prattle bores me.


        1. Gosh, what a reasonable, calm, intelligent article. Thank you so much, GSW. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of people howling at the moon. The article is exactly where I stand on these issues, too. I have read a lot and reaches very similar conclusions to this author.

          I’d love it if anybody could equally calmly explain why the linked position is unreasonable. Given that I coincide so much with its author, I’m sincerely interested in how taking this position makes me a crazed savage and a dangerous, radical anti-vaxxer.


          1. Clarissa, the only way you will not be pronounced a crazed savage and a dangerous, radical anti-vaxxer is if you accept the Vaccine as your personal Savior and join the Church of Vaccine Evangelism to bring the light of the Vaccine and deliverance from Covid to every person in the world.

            Sadly, I think we are beyond the rational discussion. I personally know people whose job is threatened if they do not comply with the vaccine mandate. They work fully from home (and were already working from home before the pandemic started).

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