Saturday Humor

Two guinea pigs at a pet store are talking.

“Have you gotten vaccinated for COVID, then?” asks one.

“Nah, I’m waiting for the trial on humans to be completed,” says another.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Humor

  1. Here is a creepy experiment for you to try. This morning my friend and I were discussing the news that Japan has fully endorsed a certain ‘deworming’ medicine for treatment of the Big ‘vid. Facebook would not allow us to send messages to each other mentioning the Ivermectin, nor the link to the announcement from Japan. Note this is not posting – these are private messages. Give a shot yourself! [pun intended]

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  2. Cat A: I don’t understand humans.

    Cat B: Me neither, but what do you not understand this time?

    Cat A: They stab each other with needles in their arms.

    Cat B: They think it’ll stop them from stabbing each other in the back with knives.

    Cat A: Does that work?

    Cat B: No.

    Cat A: Now I really don’t understand humans.


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