Curing the Heartsickness

I was feeling really down after my Politburo adventures, so I went to the salon and got my hair back to my natural color. It took 3 hours but it worked. (I have VERY thick frizzy hair). I now have the exact same hair as I did when N and I first met. Although it might not be the best idea to put the hair I had at 30 over a much older face.

Here it is:

I wonder, what do men do when life gets to them? And please don’t say drink. Everybody drinks these days (except me, I’m cured). But women can change our hair and think, “screw you, at least I look pretty,” and then nothing else matters.

The best friend I ever had in my life used to text me whenever she knew I was having a difficult time, “remember, your chest is huge.” And that really helped.

10 thoughts on “Curing the Heartsickness

  1. “I wonder, what do men do when life gets to them? ”

    I play video games or go for a run. Also, good idea to get off news and social media.

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  2. Looks very nice. I guess this is what Americans call ‘strawberry blond’. I looked at some listicle recently on what to do to look 10 years younger and one of the points was to lighten the hair. Hope this works.

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  3. “What do men do when life gets to them?”

    Start a war war…assassinate a national political figure…take a flame-thrower and burn down the neighborhood… watch an episode of people getting machine-gunned on “The Untouchables”…grab a flyswatter and kill the five flies that dared to sneak into your pristine house…frown at your cat but pet it anyway…sit down at your computer and post a stupid comment like this.

    When you reach a certain age, just relax and chill out. There isn’t that much in life worth getting worked up about.

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  4. “what do men do when life gets to them? ”

    First answer… go for a long walk… but then I like to do that all the time, but it’s a different kind of walk…

    Second, during the most stressful period of my life I watched a lot of horror movies, it’s a genre based on “What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen? What about….. THIS! Wait, that’s not so bad, not nearly as bad as….. THIS!!!!” Very relaxing…


    1. That seems such a strange, but effective, way to de-stress.

      I wonder if my husband’s penchant for horror movies (eye-roll!) and extreme stress-sensitivity (he had even developed an autoimmune condition triggered by stress!) are related…


  5. “I wonder, what do men do when life gets to them?”

    Get away from other people, since usually that is where the pain is coming from.


  6. Strawberry blond is my favorite hair color. It is very becoming on you.

    I know you didn’t ask what men do, but I’m a Tomboy so… I don’t doll my hair up. I do nature. When I’m very depressed, I go to the country and put my feet in the river and watch the little fish and the crawdads play. I explore creek beds and look for fossils. I exercise – ride my bike and look at birds. Nature can be very rewarding. To an earlier poster – lighting things on fire helps too. (I usually use my fire pit though and burn brush)

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