As Effective

Folks, this is great news. I’m all for this. I mean I’m all for not mandating either but if I have to choose, I’m totally for something I can remove as opposed to something that I can’t.

7 thoughts on “As Effective

  1. This idiocy will never end. If the masks are as effective as the vaccine, neither works.

    I’m so pissed off right now. My place of work started mandating vaccines or weekly testing of you don’t want the jab. This is just a stupid exercise in power and coercion. Vaccinated people can be carriers as well and they still spread the virus. I had covid and have the antibodies but it counts for nothing with these apparatchiks.

    Knowing my reaction to vaccines I will get very sick. This was the reason I stopped taking the flu vaccine. Meanwhile the dreaded covid itself was like a minor cold for me.

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  2. “masks are as effective as vaccines are”

    Sounds like an anti-vaxxer to me.

    Am I crazy? I’ve long thought that the terrible public messaging about vaccines was intentional. The idea is to create resistance so that the resistant could be demonized and used as an excuse for even more extreme coercion.

    I can’t find any evidence in anything public officials say that makes me think otherwise…
    Am I over-thinking this?


  3. With all of the evidence coming out about how easily vaccinated people are spreading the virus, I have to admit she’s not wrong. They both appear equally ineffective when it comes to preventing spread.

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      1. In the end the government is still winning because the responsibility to transport the kids to school falls on the parents and the healthcare services for the proles will be reduced. No matter what we do we are f***ed from the back.

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  4. I can deal with a mask mandate and even a vaccine mandate
    ….just as long as there are NO MORE SHUTDOWNS! I have business to conduct with certain places in the near future and will have to show up in person to do so EACH TIME. And, being dependent on Wi-Fi and the public library for internet access, have no wish to “go virtual” for said transactions.


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