Comparing Coronaviruses

Talking about personal experiences of COVID, physically it was pretty bad but I’d had worse coronaviruses. One, for instance, came coupled with an eye infection that made ugly pus come out of my eye for two weeks. This was right at the beginning of my relationship with N when I was trying to charm him with my great beauty. This was kind of hard to do while sneezing, coughing, and oozing pus out of my face. On the positive side, this demonstrated that his was a true love that doesn’t mind abnormal excretions pouring out of the beloved’s eye sockets.

Another one was when I started working here, and it came with a terrible ear infection. I lost hearing in one ear for months afterwards. A half-deaf professor in classes where students are supposed to speak 90% of class time is quite an inconvenience.

The current coronavirus was better in that I was completely recovered after two weeks. And I lost weight, so that’s a plus. But the psychological aspect was worse because 18 months of constant drumbeat about death can’t fail to have an impact. My symptoms got dramatically worse immediately after I got the results of the test. I would have been better off if I’d neber heard of “COVID.”

Again, I’m only describing my own personal experiences. And I’m definitely not recommending COVID as a weight-loss program.

The worst illnesses I’ve had in my life were PUPPPS and gestational diabetes. Diabetes is terrible. It’s the feeling of a complete loss of control over your body, it’s horrid. Dooming people to diabetes to avoid COVID (which you can’t avoid anyway) is a terrible idea, in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Comparing Coronaviruses

  1. When I had COVID it was a bad cold for four days, and then I got over it pretty quick. Contrast with that time I went to Cusco in my first trimester, and had unremitting morning sickness, on top of altitude sickness, which resulted in fluid in my lungs and a month-long case of bronchitis so bad I fractured three ribs coughing. And we were staying in a third-floor apartment: I had to stop and rest halfway up the stairs, and again at the top. Felt like I was going to die, and took a long time to recover. I’d choose COVID over that any day!

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  2. I love the story of meeting N. It goes to show that adversity has many benefits–not the least of which is discovering genuinely beautiful people who love us as we are.

    You are right about the psychological aspect of COVID-19. I too have had worse sicknesses. I just kept repeating to myself words of affirmation to combat the programming from propaganda. It’s crazy how effective it is.

    I’ve gained back my COVID weight lost. Bummer.

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