Putin’s Canada

In Canada, Maxime Bernier, the only candidate who is opposed to vaccine passports and lockdowns, has been excluded from the election debates. Bernier’s party polls higher than at least two of the candidates who were allowed to speak but nobody cares about that. The approved politicians happily blathered on about climate change and racism, two topics that, in the country’s third official language, means, “ef you, stupid proles.”

In Putin’s Russia people keep voting for Putin because there’s no other candidate. And there’s no other candidate because nobody else is allowed to appear on TV. And nobody else is allowed to appear on TV because Putin controls it. And Putin controls it because people keep voting for him. And so on.

(For the literally minded, I’m not suggesting that Maxime Bernier was excluded from the debates because Putin doesn’t like him. I’m suggesting he’s excluded because Trudeau’s handlers don’t like him).

One thought on “Putin’s Canada

  1. If Canada is to follow the trajectory of other Western states, expect election disputes to be filed by cheated candidates followed by courts declaring those candidates to have no interest in the election that they were cheated in.

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