Control Group

Instead of “the unvaccinated,” say “the control group.” We are the control group in a planet-wide medical experiment.

10 thoughts on “Control Group

  1. “the control group in a planet-wide medical experiment”

    Post nation-state “science” don’t need no stinkin’ control groups. The science you’re supposed to believe is whatever those in power tell you to believe.

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    1. He said that “in some places” the covid passport is not epidemiologically necessary, giving pools and outdoor restaurants as examples. It is nothing new. He wasn’t talking of indoor environments, and we have known since forever that being outside in a park was not dangerous despite USA closing its parks for a while.


          1. // Israel is preparing for the fourth vaccine shot

            I do not have a choice since without a green pass I can only come to work if I do covid testing every 48 or 72 (?) hours. Hope they stop at some point.

            On the positive side, 3-13 years old children will be able to go to pools w/o a covid test, probably starting from tomorrow.


          2. // if I do covid testing every 48 or 72 (?) hours.

            Recently people were standing in line for 7 hours to take this test. And naturally it must be done outside of work time if one doesn’t want to lose pay. There are sick days, but it’s better not to overuse them.


  2. So what if you can’t be in the control group or the study group?

    I’m not really in the control group.

    I’ve never had a coronavirus do anything to me in my entire lifetime.

    I only found out why this year because someone bothered to do a study and I bothered to get a genetic screening to see if that was a factor.

    Giving me these pseudo-vaccines would be totally useless, unless of course you’re trying to study whether I’ll be harmed as a result of being exposed to adjuvants, contaminants, and rogue mRNA therapies unrelated to actual coronaviruses, which is of course a completely unethical study at the least if not Nuremberg Doctrine levels of nasty.

    As for the spike protein causing clotting, PRRA pseudo-magnetic behaviour, and so forth, I’m routinely taking something that cuts my risk by several orders of magnitude already, and no, you don’t buy it at Tractor Supply Company.

    So again, I’m not really in the control group.

    I am in the survival group by default and people who want to join it should stop treating people like us like we’re in the control group!

    Other kinds of survivors are always welcome in the survival group, of course. 🙂

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