Play Your Own Game

One issue that trips up conservatives constantly is that they keep trying to play woke games and hope to beat wokesters at them. “Democrats are the real racists” is one of the saddest among such games. You can’t win if you start running around calling people racists because the other side has years of experience on you. Just stop. Don’t support this nefarious practice by participating in it. It’s not OK, it’s not helping anything.

All these blackfaces, watermelon juices, climate changes, “more people of color support X than Y” – leave all that crap to the idiots who invented it. Talk to those of us who couldn’t care less who’s “a bigger racist” and who’s got more diverse whatevers.

There’s no bigger sign of losership than mimicking the behavior and language of your opponent.

2 thoughts on “Play Your Own Game

  1. Let’s play Cultural Loss Olympics! 🙂

    Rules of the game:

    Has to be something you, your ancestors, or your related lineages lost.
    Has to be something substantial that elicits genuine feelings of loss.
    Has to be irreversibly lost, as in you can’t get it back.

    Ready to play?


    My extended family lost a university.

    It was eventually taken over by a government that finished the job of mismanaging it into oblivion.

    That’s why I don’t participate in the Identity Grievance Olympics.

    And that’s also why I try to save libraries.

    Isn’t this just such a fun game? 🙂

    Your turn.

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  2. Isn’t this just a facet of the Comparison Game? We look at others and compare ourselves to them only we apply our point of view as a reference point – maybe in some respects because we are trying to find like-minded individuals while rejecting what we find not in keeping with our experience. Comparison is at its root, envy – something we don’t discuss much in todays culture. Maybe this is what rubbed me the wrong way about Trump and about Trumpism. He was always talking about “winning.” If there are winners, there must be losers. And no one can win all the time so as some point, all of us will be losers.

    To Post Alley Crackpot’s point, one-upmanship is a futile endeavor and it only divides us further. The more we compare/contrast each other and try to compete, the further the divide grows. There is no empathy or sympathy in this sport. We revel in our pride that our point of view is the most pertinent, thus winning becomes the only motive that matters.

    From a Christian worldview, the only comparison I should be making is that against myself and my creator. An infinite, immutable God with unsearchable knowledge and power makes me feel, well, rather puny. But when I study his character in the bible, I find not an evil genie or a cruel overlord, but rather a God that is “slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.” So much so, that he sent his son to be murdered in order to ransom and redeem unlovable people. Many of us are blind to our true character. We like to make ourselves to be the hero of the story (or worse, the victim). Maybe that is why it is the most God-like attribute to love unlovable people, to show kindness to our enemies and to – well, rather than argue about superficial narratives – listen with compassion rather than asserting our experience.

    I hope I’m not dismantling the point of this entire blog – which I enjoy immensely! I am merely suggesting that our culture has so devalued love and kindness as a virtue that we are all running around arguing about silly things like skin color – as if that makes any of us less than human. We are not cartoon characters. Not everyone who eats spinach is Popeye and not everyone who is skinny is mousy and whiny like Olive Oyl.

    We are allowing ourselves to be subdivided into categories based on the wrong criteria. I stand here with my fists clenched and rage against it. We all innately know we are more than bodies – we are souls! Souls have value. Souls are eternal. The more we allow humanity to be devalued in this way (rather than as ‘created in the image of God’) the more we invite ideology that is eager to dispose of the body because it does not meet a specific point-of-view or other insane criteria. That is how we end up with millions of dead bodies stacked up in mass graves.


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