Incurable Illness

Do you know what the dirtiest, most disgusting place on the Internet is? I accidentally stumbled upon it today, and it’s rancid in its stomach-churning putrefaction. The utter degradation I witnessed there is not something I want to see again.

That place is in the comment section to the announcement that Ron DeSantis’s wife has breast cancer. What needed to have happened to people, how much they needed to be abandoned by anything human to gloat, finger-wag and preen over a mother of little children getting cancer – her illness might be cured but theirs won’t.

It’s truly a great punishment to live with a soul that is such a cesspit. People wash their hands several times a day but allow their inner lives to rot and stink to high heaven.

I’m not going to link to this ugliness and filth. I’m going to take a long shower and hope to forget what I saw.

3 thoughts on “Incurable Illness

  1. It’s been very demoralizing watching people who I used to respect fall into this behavior. There are left-ish online places that I used to frequent but have completely dropped because I couldn’t handle seeing people spend so much time gloating over the idea of perfect strangers getting sick and dying (this has of course all been gloating of the “those stupid unvaccinated people deserve it” variety).

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    1. It’s quite scary. Imagine if some crazy charismatic leader emerged and inspired the leftists into action. How long until we had another Kristallnacht against people who don’t comply with their ideas?

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