Catching Up

Ya think? We’ve only been saying this forever.

Branch Covidians in the comments are going off their nut because their favorite toy is being taken away.

11 thoughts on “Catching Up

      1. \ We are wondering whether to try to get infected now before the virus gets worse due to that phenomenon.

        I do not get something here. Why are people worried about Marek’s in covid, but not in flu? Or any other disease that everybody is vaccinated against in childhood?

        Are you sure it is not the influence of the word ‘covid’ on people but real science which makes them connect Marek only to covid and not to any other human (rather than chicken) disease?


        1. A. Because nobody closed down society, drove people to mass suicide, crashed the economy, and turned people into prisoners over the flu.

          Are you sure it’s not propaganda that makes you repeat “just like any other vaccine” long after it’s become clear it’s not?

          B. Because unlike your childhood chicken pox vaccine, these are non-sterilizing vaccines for a virus with large animal reserves. Which means it can come back many times over


            1. Unfortunately, people seem very eager to opine on the subject without even bothering to find out what a non-sterilizing vaccine is. My friend who is a college professor thought it meant a vaccine that doesn’t cause infertility. I gave up on discussing the subject with her after she came out with that definition.


              1. Thankfully, not a STEM person. But still, one expects either some knowledge or more humility in talking about things one doesn’t know.


  1. “Branch Covidians” … HAHA YES.

    But have you seen the video of the ATF storming the Waco compound?

    Didn’t end up great for the Ranch Davidians.


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