Ready for Guests

Just to clarify, these are not the friends who want to show me off as a normie. These are other guests. I wouldn’t do this to normie-seekers.

8 thoughts on “Ready for Guests

  1. I’m impressed! I love making a pretty tablescape.

    The food is beautiful! What are they? I think I recognize one or two dishes.

    I miss the recipes you posted in the past. What I cooked of yours was delicious.

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  2. I echo others comments. Also me – squinting and trying to figure out what the dishes are and what’s in them. Please – do tell what they are! I need fresh ideas for tasty vittles!


    1. This is a collection of Soviet-style salads. The food art isn’t really connected to the salads. One can apply the food art to anything.

      My favorite of the salads is called “Mistress.” It has finely chopped carrots, cooked beets, walnuts, raisins, garlic, and mayo. I’m guessing it’s called “mistress” because there’s no meat in it.

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