New Discoveries

To be fair and balanced:

one thing that is a lot easier when you are a conservative is to make friends. It’s so much easier to talk and make genuine connections. And nobody acts weird around one because one is an immigrant. This last part I always knew, as long-time readers will remember. But the ease of making friends after a decade of making none is very unexpected.

I can absolutely 100% guess how a person votes by observing their reaction when I say “I’m an immigrant.” The more uncomfortable and weird people get, the likelier they are to vote D.

One thought on “New Discoveries

  1. This rings true. My parents are very conservative, and live in a deep-red area. They also have both devoted considerable volunteer time for many years to adult ESL tutoring, and to helping immigrants navigate the naturalization paperwork and access needed services (it can be insanely difficult for, say, the foreign-born widow of a US serviceman to collect his military pension). We always knew a lot of immigrants, socially, and not in a charity kind of way: most of them were wealthier than we were.


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