Found in Translation

Translation: mommy thought I was a pest and it still hurts, so I know project this on all kids to self-soothe with the thought that all kids are pests and not just me.

No mentally stable person would arrive at an analogy between children and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

5 thoughts on “Found in Translation

      1. I love the way “they can become sick themselves” is a complete afterthought. The primary important thing about kids is that they are disease vectors. Spreaders of contagion. Basically plague rats.

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        1. This is the point I keep trying (without success) to make to our local school board. Forcing muzzles on children as if they were rabid animals is not just dehumanizing, although it certainly is that. It teaches kids to see the world as a frightening, dangerous place, and to suspect that everyone they encounter is a potential killer just waiting to infect them with a deadly disease. It also teaches them to see themselves that way. I despair for the next generation when I think of the psychological damage being done to them with all this relentless fearmongering.

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