Hard Work Pays Off

One important reason why the GOP won in Virginia is that they did the work. Early in the ballot count, Fairfax County started waffling, saying that there won’t be able to count, technical issues, blah blah. But there were Republican observers and lawyers on the ground ready to act. The top lawyer for the GOP was there, marching in, all ready to take depositions and gather evidence. Immediately, the “technical issue” got solved and the votes got counted.

Also, unlike in the CA recall, in VA the GOP actually had a campaign. They isolated a crucial mobilizing issue: schools. School closures and racist education. They beat that drum relentlessly, leaving aside the outdated, stupid free-marketeering slogans. And people responded. Once you notice it’s not 1981 any longer, it becomes easier to connect with voters. This is the GOP of the future. It’s in its infancy and I hope it grows in this direction. Less Reagan, less Bush, and more current, important issues that interest today’s voters.

21 thoughts on “Hard Work Pays Off

  1. I wonder if they’ll learn, though. Look at this bullshit. I also read that youngkin (a goldman sachs alum, chamber of commerce guy) did not mention immigration at all in the last 3 weeks leading up to the election. At a time when there’s a real border crisis. Extremely suspicious.


    1. The suburban VA ladies need their maids and nannies, so he can’t touch that. There’s no politician who’s going to touch this topic if even Trump refused to do anything once he was in office.


    2. Honestly, the dude creeps me out. I wouldn’t want to be his neighbor, I wouldn’t buy a car from him, and I wouldn’t let my kids play with his kids at his house.

      I am primarily interested in that election as a test of whether vote fraud can be pushed back. The answer seems to be “yes.”

      Now we just have to figure out how to get decent human beings to run for office, and not filter them out of politics at the local level…


  2. A couple of thoughts on the elections…

    Trump squandered a lead that was tamper proof by not building the damned wall.

    Biden also made an effective covid response that would end the pandemic charade a keystone of his platform and it’s just a shitshow of rebellious governors, mixed policies, masked idiots and pharma-pushers coming at kids with needles with no end in sight and he clearly has no plan beyond keeping the injections going.

    Banning CRT in school is kind of a… dumb policy plank, but in politics that doesn’t necessarily matter. No one who examines it (who’s not a vicious freak) likes the Kendi/1619 message and the left has not found an antidote to pushback against the CRT hucksters. More people are also now hardened enough to ignore/ridicule the inevtable attacks invoking ‘racism’ or ‘whiteness’ while the flops around saying CRT is not a thing and it’s great and should be in schools…

    The left still can’t meme. They’ve been helpless and paralyzed and driven to fury by “Let’s go Brandon!” invoking nazis and making fools of themselves…. and have not in the last 5 years come up with a single memorable meme (in the broadest sense of manipulating elements of popular culture for magnified political effect). If anyone can think of an effective leftist meme of the last 5 years remind me…

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    1. This is a very curious thing. What is it that causes people to lose all sense of humor, en masse?

      I feel like there’s something extremely revealing there, but can’t quite put a finger on it. What necessary element is missing or corrupted in these people?

      When I’m feeling more cynical, I think it might be creativity. But I don’t like to go there because to me, creativity is the mark of contact with divinity, and I’m not completely ready to say that the entire left has cut itself off from the Divine energies. That seems harsh. But given their attitudes about traditional religion… I’m not sure I can rule it out, either. I’m afraid of the implications. I hope it’s something else.


      1. The sorriest thing are the “yes, the left can meme” campaigns. The jokes are so strained, so pathetic, I feel extremely embarrassed for their authors.


        1. The right is funny but the left is relentless. We need more of that relentlessness on our side. Like Chris Rufo. That guy is like a pitbull. He never lets go. Unfortunately, on the right, there’s a lot of defeatism.


          1. Yeah, all of those things. I don’t have a lot of hope for the right– it’s like they’ve lost the will to live. I think if there’s anything to hope for in that picture, it’s that… there’s been a huge amount of re-shuffling in both parties over the last several years. I wonder if the apparent malaise on the right is simply… the inevitable chaos that comes with new voters, new causes, and new ideas flooding in, while the old guard still holds all the real power, and doesn’t know how to adapt to the changing landscape. I’m hoping those guys are aging out sooner rather than later, and then things will shuffle into something more functional. We’ll see, I guess.

            It seems like almost a carbon copy of what’s been going on in the GOA church, really. There are a lot of people interested in converting, and a lot of converts, now. The legacy Greeks are by and large not interested letting them be full participants in the life of the parish– in their heads, they own the place. But they’re dying off. The only question is if they can pass the baton so that the church survives, or if they strangle it by holding on too long.

            In either case, the outcome is uncertain and we hope for the best.

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      2. “causes people to lose all sense of humor, en masse?”

        Individual leftists are often funny, but the democrats have boxed themselves in with policies that don’t have an elevator pitch that could work because they’re so unattractive to most people. So they build thickets of jargon around it and tell those who question it that they have to ‘educate’ themselves and can’t afford to have a sense of humor about it because then the whole edifice comes falling down….

        The Chapo guys used to be funny but they were also skewering the Democrats’ (from the left rather than the right) but they were demoralized by the way the democratic machine railroaded Bernie and are now kind of stuck in place… they don’t have Trump to riff off of (they were, at times, the only funny left critique of Trump) and now they’re embarrassingly close to party loyalists and about as funny as lead paint.


        1. Yeah, but… how? It wasn’t like there was any shortage of ridiculousness in the Trump presidency. There was so much crazy, so much BS, so much to ridicule, that Trump’s actual supporters were being hilarious about it.

          I wonder if what’s missing is love?

          Like, Trump supporters liked the guy, but that didn’t make them unable to point out his ridiculousness. Maybe you can’t be funny if all you’re feeling is anger. Anger’s a secondary emotion, you know? It’s what you feel when you can’t face what you’re actually feeling: fear, grief, humiliation, etc. So what is going on with Democrats? Are they afraid? What of? Are they grieving? Are they humiliated? Was it having to adopt so many crap policy positions that everybody hated (not least themselves) in order to be one of the cool kids? Self-loathing?


        2. …and seriously, how is it that someone can still be funny as an individual, but completely lose that capacity operating in the group? Is it because they’ve been cowed into silence by the humorless among them? If they say something funny in public, do they get cannibalized by their own side? That seems really unhealthy.


      3. @methylethyl
        You cannot have humour if you are consumed by rabid puritanism. And people on the Left at the moment – but in reality throughout history – are being consumed by rabid puritanism, the obsessive-compulsive totalitarian urge to wipe the slate clean to create their idealised heaven on earth, i.e. misery for all the rest of us and quite a few of their own, too.

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        1. I do sometimes fear that the lack of humor is a reflection of the internal hardening process that people have to go through before they can participate in mass murder.


          1. An hour ago it was discovered that s bunch of early ballots that were mostly for Murphy got counted twice. Everything has to be checked and rechecked after these bastards.


  3. Good place for this timely reminder:

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