Wokeness and Humor

We used to have a department chair with a great sense of humor. I stew at every woke directive but that guy found ways to be funny about this stuff.

Once he was told to provide the numbers on faculty race and ethnicity. He compiled a completely true list that went like this:

  • Prof. A – Venezuelan-American
  • Prof. B – Jewish-Canadian
  • Prof. C – Jewish-Argentinean
  • Prof. D – Jewish-Ukrainian
  • Prof. E – Jewish-Brazilian
  • Prof. F – Jewish-American
  • Prof. G – from Texas, refused to disclose

The administration returned the list for the Chair to redo. In response, he added “Ashkenazi” or “Sephardic” to every Jewish-something professor and in brackets explained how he arrived at the conclusion of who was which). After that, the administration left him alone.

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