Got Milk?

I don’t know why there’s such a brouhaha about people buying a lot of milk. Klara quit drinking milk this summer but before that she was guzzling it by the gallon. A three-gallon jug would last her 8-9 days. I don’t drink it at all because of the high sugar content and N is lactose intolerant. So that was just one small kid. With 10 kids, 12 gallons a week is actually quite little.

It’s really ludicrous to dump on people over milk. Milk is a basic staple. It’s not like they complained over the price of beluga caviar.

16 thoughts on “Got Milk?

    1. Somebody said that the rising price of milk is hurting them because they buy 12 gallons a week for their 10 kids. Immediately, a barrage of insults ensued telling them to buy contraception and mocking them.


              1. When I was pregnant with our third (which was 34 years ago), the first thing everyone asked was, “Was this planned?” Since we already had a boy and a girl, people assumed baby #3 must have been an oopsie. Of course, this was back in the days when there were only two genders. 🙂


            1. Fertility doctors are a really creepy bunch. They like to manufacture matching sets of kids for themselves. Like two pairs of different-gender twins. I’d think that being in fertility and seeing miserable, infertile patients would give them an appreciation for any child they can have.


  1. Where the heck do you shop that you get three-gallon jugs? Usually the most you can get per container is a gallon—any more and sometimes you risk it going bad before you finish.


    1. I had to use a search engine since I have never seen such a big container of milk. As it turns out, they exist and remind me of boxed water. I’d buy them to make yoghurt with 🙂

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