Vaccine vs Shot

The local grocery store advertises appointments for “COVID vaccine and flu shots.” I wonder where they find the difference when the degree of effectiveness is similar.

3 thoughts on “Vaccine vs Shot

  1. “The local grocery store advertises appointments for ‘COVID vaccine and flu shots.'”

    For what it’s worth, ten days ago I got them both (the high-concentration flu shot for seniors 65+, and the 3rd COVID Pfizer booster recommended at 6+ months after the first two COVID shots for geezers like me, and have had no side effects except mild soreness at the COVID injection site that went away after four days.

    I highly recommend that any of your readers with a similar history like mine (over 65 years old, no history of allergic reaction to any shots, and no history of .any underlying conditions that might make taking the COVID shot a risk do the same.

    I’m a medical doctor who’s followed the science on vaccines all my professional life, and anybody who wants to call me a sheep bowing meekly to authority can feel free to go straight to hell and shut the door after them. Do what you want for yourself, but don’t try to pick a fight with me.


    1. Dreidel, obviously at your age it makes every sense to take the vaccine. Nobody here suggests otherwise. I advised my parents to take them and was very happy when they did. The risk from COVID dramatically increases with age. People who don’t know this yet are truly hopeless but here we know that.


  2. The problem with flu shots is that the committee that determines which strains go into them meets once every six months, so sometimes the data they use is too old and the strains aren’t right. They’re particularly effective in kids, though, who are more susceptible to influenza B—flu A strains tend to change quicker than flu B strains, so kids get a bigger benefit overall when the flu A strains in the vaccine don’t match whatever’s prevalent.

    I’m waiting on my flu shot for once, but that’s because I’m still trying figure out what the hell is going on with my reaction to the covid shot—it’s not vasculitis but I’ve got more testing. I don’t want the flu shot to change whatever’s going on for the worse—which is always a possibility.


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