Freedom and Joy in the EU

It turns out there was going to be a campaign of billboards all around the EU promoting the use of hijab because it brings “freedom and joy.” The French opposed it (and apparently nobody else did), so it was temporarily canned. What I find particularly sad in this story is that people in the EU still remember the word “freedom.” They have no idea what it means anymore but they do have a vague memory that it was something good. Maybe even almost as good as hijabs.

3 thoughts on “Freedom and Joy in the EU

  1. There is a currently ongoing campaign in some of the EU countries with a slogan “vaccine is freedom”. Is that better or worse than “freedom is in hijab”?

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  2. Europeans in general, excepting the nordics and the Dutch, have not proved themselves adept at maintaining democratic norms and institutions.

    Historically, the Germans and the French have completely sucked at promoting liberal democratic “freedoms.”


  3. I lived in Egypt back in the day, at the time of the Iraq War. Cairo went from half or more of the women on the street outside Zemalek (Ille de Egypt) and Tahrir (where not incidentally the foreign embassies, the American University campus and dorms were) being uncovered, to 5% percent or less. If you saw a women without hijab, it usually meant she was either Coptic Christian, or a foreigner.

    The international neo con neo liberal gnostic enterprise is turning out to be fundamentally anti-feminist, in other words.Very amusing that traditional Christian women are in some places the only ones with the virility to wander around with their faces free.


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