Pins and Needles

Who else is on pins and needles over the Rittenhouse verdict? Can’t they rule already because I’m wandering around aimlessly, unable to concentrate on anything. Ideally, they’d acquit during the chairs’ meeting we’ll have later today. Then everybody will be too traumatized to continue with the meeting, and I’ll be able to go celebrate in peace.

14 thoughts on “Pins and Needles

  1. I’m hoping they can somehow hold off til tomorrow. I want to leave my nutcase blue city and stay out while SHTF, but I won’t be able to make it out today.
    Although I don’t see how they can still be deliberating an open and shut case of self defense. So not optiimistic that they’ll hold off til tomorrow.

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      1. Unhappily, I will be surprised if they don’t convict him. I don’t believe there have been attempts at jury intimidation for no reason (and I suspect the prosecutor’s waving the gun at the jury may have been part of such intimidation). Hope I’m wrong.


        1. It’s ben all about placating the mentally ill recently, it stopped being about justice completely. Why would it be different this time? The jury will find him guilty on the homicide, innocent on the endangering the safety. That way the cities will not burn and he will be an another sacrificial lamb.


        2. That prosecutor… yeesh. After literally years of enforcing the Four Rules of Gun Safety on my kids– when they’re playing with TOY guns (cap guns, rubber band guns, nerf guns…), just so that if/when they run across the real thing at someone’s house (we do, after all, live in Gun Country), they will not be idiots with it and get someone killed, the photos of that prosecutor pointing a gun at the jury, in a courtroom make me… gah! I haven’t got the words for it. That Mom thing you do, when you walk in on your kids in the process of dumping a whole gallon of milk on the floor, and you’re too late to prevent any of it. Something beyond wincing. Grimace. Jerky arm motion. Inarticulate squawking noise.

          Why didn’t the bailiff disarm him?? Did anyone in that jury box duck and cover? How do you get to be that fellow’s age and not know that ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED? Is he the only person in the country who didn’t hear about Alec Baldwin in the news like, last week? It’s like they think guns are only dangerous when Republicans are holding them!

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  2. I perceive that many leftists are less confident than they were during the Portland riots, while the feelings of conservatives, moderates etc have hardened towards them.

    Based on that I lean towards it being a hung jury or outright acquittal.

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  3. I’m not on pins or needles because I have no dog in this fight, but here is my prediction of likely events:
    1. The jury will either free him, slap him with a minor charge without significant penalty, or end in a hung jury (meaning he walks).
    2. The rabid BLM/Antifa thugs will attempt to initiate a major riot.
    3. It remains to be seen whether the 500 National Guard troops held on standby by the state governor will be allowed to use sufficient power to maintain order, or the local rioting (and perhaps also that in other cities) gets out of control.
    4. Whatever riots and subsequent property damage occur to local businesses will be praised and justified by the anti-white race bigots on MSNBC and on CNN.

    The jury is being wise if it’s delaying it’s verdict until the morning hours, giving the National Guard a better chance to get into an effective defensive posture during the daylight before full-scale rioting breaks out at nightfall.

    I hope that my prediction of violence is wrong…but we’ll see!

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  4. I hear the defense motioned for mistrial with prejudice this morning, on account of the jury being hung up on 2 jurors, specifically for fears about their personal safety after being videotaped at the jury bus stop.

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  5. I have to be honest—-I think this Rittenhouse kid is, basically, an instigator.
    SERIOUSLY!! He knowingly went out of town (out of state even) into an area he well knew was experiencing a bout of extreme social conflict, bringing with him a military-style assault weapon, obviously anticipating some sort of potential confrontation—then wants to claim “self defense”. We’re not talking about him bringing a .38-caliber handgun with himself for his own personal protection “just in case”, you know—-we’re talking an AR-15!!!


    1. We’re talking about a 17 year old kid who already worked as a lifeguard and wanted to be an EMT. Dumb and ill-advised, sure. But there are a lot of teenagers who want to Be A Hero. It’s stupid, but not, apparently, criminal. Gun charges were dropped early on because nobody could point to a particular law he was violating. As a rule, you don’t have to legislate against stupid, because stupid is self-punishing.


    2. …But I would also like to point out that this is perilously close to the “miniskirt argument”: i.e. she shouldn’t have been dressed like that, in that neighborhood, she knew what she was getting into so she deserved it, etc.


  6. “Rittenhouse verdict”

    I can’t see how they can allow things to proceed now that it’s clear that through negligence of malice (or some of both) the prosecution sent a less quality video to the defense than what they themselves had…

    I think at this point they might be trying to stumble toward a mistrial without prejudice… and then never get around to a second trial. that’s probably the least dangerous option.


    1. Shouldn’t that be considered tampering with evidence on the part of the prosecution? I mean if they sent the defense a video that was deliberately lower quality so its harder to identify people and show their actions, to me that seems like it would qualify as tampering with the evidence.


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