I love every aspect of being department chair. The only thing that makes me unwilling to continue doing it for another term is that the Dean obligates us to engage in discussions of “what do you do to be anti-racist?” We have yet another one of those scheduled for later today. Obviously, this is done to distract us from more budget cuts but that’s not even the point. I resent having to participate in this Sovietization. If Americans are stupid enough to take this garbage seriously, it’s their problem. Why should I participate? Watching people make absolute asses out of themselves because they are either subservient or dumb isn’t enjoyable.

10 thoughts on “Sovietization

  1. “what do you do to be anti-racist?”

    If university administrators were not (as a general rule) miserable people you could have fun with that….

    Well…. I let my klan dues slide for a couple of weeks… so that’s interest that they weren’t able to use. I’m probably just gonna use the same robes for one more year… I know they say we should buy new every three years but… no! Okay! No!

    While I was at a stop light a minority was crossing the road and I didn’t run them over… because that could have led to riots so the city owes me for all the money it saved that way.

    I saw the name tag of the cashier at the supermarket said “Maria” so I said “Buenx dix” to the cashier at the supermarket… just a little contribution toward improving intercultural communication. She didn’t seem to understand so I explained that the gender distinctions in Spanish are a relic of colonialization. Then she said she’s Greek and doesn’t know Spanish so I told her “Internalized racist self-loathing is never okay, Marix – viva lx revolucion”

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        1. I heard a rumor there’s one person at the meetings who doesn’t like the woke stuff either. But this person is deep in the closet. I’m wearing a T-shirt with a huge US flag today as a secret handshake type of thing. Maybe the non-woke colleague will notice and get the hint to reach out.

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        1. If not, I think you should definitely propose it. If you go to Sherwin-Williams, they will give you one of their big fancy color swatch tools (because covid)… So many colors. So many obscene possibilities…

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