Faceless Peons

One very disturbing thing about reality TV shows these days is that people with names – designers, stylists, models, etc – do get to have faces. But in the background, there are nameless, faceless peons wearing a mask and a facial shield at once. It’s such a clear, direct representation of who counts as a full-scale human being that it’s almost scary.

There are also the half-human types who are close enough to the real humans that they are allowed to wear just a mask, without a plastic shield over it.

It’s as if being rich and having many online followers cleansed you of illness. And being a no-name wage worker made you a dirty, disease-carrying rat.

And it’s not just TV. We’ve all seen the same horrible stuff at political gatherings, art shows for fancy people, etc. Every catered event is going in this direction.

I can already imagine a coming-of-age novel about a little girl who always dreamt of one day being able to show her face, of being treated as a human being and not dirty vermin or a disease vector. . .

I don’t want to be a grandma who tells little kids about the olden times when you didn’t have to be rich to be able to show your face. We are slipping into some really dark shit here, people. We need to stop.

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