Meme Day

Please share the memes that made you happy recently. I’m getting a root canal today and need some laughs.

Who’s too young or too old to get this one without googling:

As Klara says apologetically to her friends, “my mommy has a goofy sense of humor.”

20 thoughts on “Meme Day

    1. Oy. I learned the hard way. From “I’m a wonderful mom, my toddler is playing quietly on her own” I went straight to “wait, where’s the 10 lb bag of sugar I had right here and what’s the white substance covering the entire floor?”


    1. “(still trying to figure out how to post pictures…)”

      The meme that you posted is a .JPG image file. If the photographs that you upload to your computer aren’t already saved in .JPG format, use an image conversion app to convert them to .JPG files, then post them the same way that you posted the meme image.

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  1. No meme, but I had a root canal and it was fabulous! The throbbing intense pain goes away, never to return. The sound of the little rasp cleaning out the hollow inside your tooth is a little off putting, but it doesn’t hurt.

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