It’s not all bad, though. Thanks to this Sir Omicron Pie variant, I now know that Swaziland was renamed Eswatini at some point in the past.

Eswatini sounds like a brand of cream cheese.

5 thoughts on “Eswatini

  1. “Swaziland was renamed Eswatini ”

    Now I’m nostalgic about African parties from US university days. They were great up with punk and Latino parties as my favorite relaxation/recreation.
    What I noticed at larger pan-African parties was that they rotated music (western, then congo, then southern) and mostly people from those places would dance (though Americans danced all the time).
    Although Fela (nigerian) was big at the time my tastes in African music always tended toward the South and East and I loved the Southern African dances (often mimicking carrying a spear).
    Fun days…..

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      1. “it would be quite good for tourism to be confused with Switzerland”

        Although there are admittedly fewer Alps in Botswana and so far fewer places to ski, the weather is generally much warmer on average without being crazy hot (an especially appealing factor to any Canadian fearfully looking on the approach of -20C to -30C temperatures any day now.) Also the game parks in Botswana are absolutely tons better with heaps more animals to see… still, it must be said the Swiss make pretty good chocolate overall and have some crazy good cow bells.

        But, I guess, at the end of the day, I’d prefer, all things being equal, to be a tourist in Botswana rather than Switzerland.


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