COVID Exclusion

Under the guise of COVID, all of the formerly free and open to the public kids’ activities now require that you undergo a byzantine process of registration that includes uploading your driver’s license and another form of ID. You have to do this every single time you want to take your kid to an activity. Even when it’s a weekly art lesson, like the one we visit every Saturday. The apps you have to register with are buggy and require the patience of Sisyphus. And probably the knowledge of who Sisyphus is.

Obviously, only highly educated, extremely organized, quite leisurely and properly documented mothers can win the battle with the registration process that you have to undergo every week at very specific times for every activity. My calendar is littered with reminders that activity X can be registered for on Th-F while activity Y’s registration only works on Monday evenings.

Before COVID, you could just walk into these activities whenever the fancy struck you. Nobody ever asked for ID or any advance notice.

This week the app for the Saturday activity kept malfunctioning, and I had to struggle with it for three days to make it work. My kid loves the activity, so I tied myself into a pretzel to get her in.

The result? Black and Hispanic kids have disappeared from the events. The attendees are now about 60% Asian and 40% white. Working class families have disappeared, too. I now know everybody at every event because they are either professors or dentists / doctors. Just the kind of people who love bleating stupidly about racial justice and diversity. It’s such a convenient, sneaky, slick-bastard way of excluding the undesirables while pretending that it’s all about health.

COVID mitigation is a class war.

12 thoughts on “COVID Exclusion

  1. And then these clows will get their knickers in a twist because the art club or the swimming class is too white. You cannot make this up.

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      1. Glad I don’t live in your state! What’s funny is, I had encountered signup processes similarly awful before the whole virus mania, in the constant search for homeschool extracurriculars. I don’t have time for that BS, so we stick to the less-formal, more-user-friendly stuff along the lines of “Hey, I and my kids will be at xyz park at 10am if anyone else wants to bring their kids to play” or “archery at 10am on Thursdays at xyz park– just drop in if your kids are interested”. And that’s where all the low-key parents are, with their kids, anyway. So it’s all good.

        I did not realize I was being filtered out of the other activities– but now that you point it out, I think I’m cool with that. I don’t want to have to hang out with parents who don’t want me around. It’s a drag.

        The one exception this year is Youth Orchestra. I wanted so badly for kid2 (who has an excellent ear for music) to learn an instrument (other than clarinet, which is the only one I can teach him!), that I trudged through the horrible process to get him in, oblivious to what that process meant. It cost a bundle, but we felt it was worth it. Now, it’s hard not to notice that ours is the oldest, junkiest car in the parking lot at practice. I panicked when the pre-holiday flyer went out, announcing the Christmas party, parade participation, concert dress code, and BTW what will you be contributing to the silent auction? (auction? What?? Why wasn’t I warned about this when I signed up?). I still feel slightly guilty for begging out of everything but the concert, on account of “religious obligations”– which is legit, because it is the Nativity Fast, and we’re not supposed to be going to parties. But I hate parties anyway and definitely did not want to find out how inadequate my holiday party wardrobe is, by showing up for that.

        I am bringing a tin of home-baked cookies to the silent auction, and if that’s not what they meant they should have been more specific 😉

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  2. Covid exclusion is happening in the adult world as well. Preregistration is less onerous, but combined with required proof of vax or of negative test, it’s a great way to keep the riff-raff like me out. Fortunately it’s not universal. Yet.

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    1. I have a pair of very expensive tickets in my possession for a concert that I cannot attend because I refuse to take the Fauci Ouchie. The tickets are replacements for a concert I’d bought tickets for a year ago, which never took place because the venue shut down and cancelled everything. The tickets I’d bought were not refundable, but the artist gave everyone who held tickets to the cancelled concert tickets to this year’s concert (at a different venue) as compensation. Alas, the new venue requires everyone entering the building to be vaccinated AND wear a mask. Needless to say, I won’t be attending.

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      1. Sell them for 60% of what you paid and advertise that you’re giving the purchaser a “Three-Fifths Compromise” on the sale price because you’ll have to be vaxxxxed and gagggged to attend.


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  3. I do not understand the logic. If this process of registration doesn’t require to upload proof of vaccination or of recent recovery, called GreenPass in Israel, what is its point? In Israel GreenPass is required in some cases, but an ID alone doesn’t help anyone.

    Meanwhile, in my country

    “Since the start of the pediatric COVID vaccination campaign last week, only 3.6% of all Israeli children ages 5-11 have been jabbed, with some experts saying coronavirus isn’t dangerous to kids, so inoculating them isn’t urgent”

    Btw, do you know which city is the costliest city in the world according to the Economist magazine? Paris? New York? We got there first, but I am not happy for it:

    How did Tel Aviv become the costliest city in the world?
    In depth: The central city jumped from fifth to first place in the Economist’s ranking within a year, overtaking other expensive cities like Paris and New York, but what’s behind the soaring cost of living?


    1. That’s exactly what I’m telling you. It’s not about COVID. It’s a purposefully byzantine, complicated process to exclude the less educated and the more tenuously documented.


  4. Have you heard of Greece?

    // Covid: Greece to fine over-60s who refuse Covid-19 vaccine
    Greece is to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for people aged 60 and over.

    Fines of €100 (£85) will be imposed at monthly intervals from mid-January on those who refuse, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

    The money will go towards the Greek health system, which is struggling with a surge in hospital admissions.

    A 100 euro fine is a hefty chunk of the average monthly pension of 730 euros ($1,160).


    1. “The money will go towards the Greek health system”

      I wouldn’t believe that for a second. This is just more austerity (forcing people to give the government an excuse to funnel more money to Big Pharma).


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