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When you arrive at a friend’s house, do you a) ring the doorbell, b) knock on the door, or c) text “here”?

I’m under 50 and not a FedEx delivery person, so I text. My doorbell is almost always switched off. So is the volume on my phone. Want me to open the door or pick up the phone? Text!

I find it weird that people still do the doorbell thing and then get upset I didn’t open the door. Have your thumbs been amputated? Also, what’s with the phone calls to ask a yes or no question? Just text!

16 thoughts on “Just Text

  1. People still prefer a bell/knock since many don’t want to remain tied to their phones all the time once they are home (it can be in another room, on charging etc. etc.). Not entirely sure what’s fedex-y about it really…


  2. When you arrive at a friend’s house, do you a) ring the doorbell, b) knock on the door, or c) text “here”?

    I ring the doorbell like a normal person. Texting to announce “here” is a waste of money and also technological overkill.

    (FedEx doesn’t ring the doorbell 90% of the time, either. They just dump the package in the most exposed position in your foyer, and couldn’t care less if you find the package before your neighborhood porch thief does.)

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  3. I ring the doorbell and don’t mind the doorbell rung. (I don’t answer anyway if I’m not expecting anyone, so I am not bothered by Fedex etc ringing either.) As another commenter said above, I don’t have my phone on me when I am in the house (mostly because I wear yoga pants and they have no pockets), so I don’t think texting would be preferable. Besides, I have multiple people in the house, so even if a doorbell is rung and I don’t hear it, chances are the kids or husband do, and can either open themselves or alert me.

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  4. Ring the doorbell. I would probably text or call if no one opens and I know they have been expecting me. I would not get upset though if the person didn’t open when I ring the bell. I save my outrage for more important things 😉

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  5. I ring the doorbell unless I am picking the person up, in which case I text.

    I prefer exactly what I do. I don’t have my phone on me at home, and I also keep it on silent often.


  6. I ring the doorbell or knock if I can’t locate the doorbell. I’ve never thought to text the host when I’m at the door. I also hope people don’t do it when they come to my house since I never carry my phone with me around the house. It usually sits in my purse in silent mode.

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  7. Depends. Sometimes there are pets the friend doesn’t want to go overboard for, and so I will text. One particular friend I walk right in for. And others it depends on how cold it is outside.


  8. Arriving somewhere I
    a) ring the doorbell if I can find it
    b) knock if there’s no doorbell
    It would not occur to me to text in a million years…. I mean what WTF????
    Someone who is visiting me and text their appearance might be left outside for awhile cause I don’t check my phone obsessively for texts.

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  9. For me, it’s ringing, knocking and a phone call as the last resort. Would’ve never thought of texting. May be sending a WhatsUpp message.
    Of course, I have experience with flats, not private houses.


  10. My loud vehicle is its own door knocker.

    Totally get a big truck, it’ll save you all of that texting. 🙂


  11. I am under 50 and have several family members (siblings, neices, nephews etc etc) who are in their 20s and 30s. And I have never seen anyone text from the front door. I have never even heard of this. People ring the bell and/or knock and then text/call as a backup if nobody answers. If I am picking someone up from the car, I will text in that case (rather than honk and/or park)– but never when I am standing in front of someone’s home waiting to be let in.


  12. I don’t expect people who come to the door to have a phone on them to even do this. Of course they probably do, but it’s not an expectation I correlate with showing up in person.

    My carpenter texts. He comes and does work outside, close to doors, while I am still asleep. So he texts to let me know that that’s him, not some robber trying to jimmy the doors. So if I hear noise and wake up, I look at the phone. This, I think, is a good use of texting when you’re at the door.


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