Blame Yourself

In his book, Berenson mentions some of the headlines in NYTimes, CNN, etc during March-August of 2020. I had no idea they were as bad as that. I very purposefully avoided reading or hearing a single word about COVID from the mainstream media until late August of 2020.

And thank goodness for that.

Maybe some people have the strength of character not to be swayed by such aggressive, panic-inducing lies (and now it’s clear those weren’t mistakes but lies). But I don’t. I know that had I listened, I would have been poisoned with terror. So I don’t blame anybody for getting terrified. I do blame them for listening. If by March 2020 you still somehow managed not to know that you can’t trust newspapers or TV programs to tell you whether sugar is sweet, then you are to blame.

OK, though, it’s not March 2020. It’s December 2021. The past is in the past. But now, today, if you still don’t automatically assume that the truth is the exact opposite of what MSNBC or NYTimes is saying, then I have to assume you are hopelessly addicted to propaganda. At this point, if you still believe their stories about absolutely anything, I’m sorry, but you are a sucker. All of these insurrections, right-wing marches on Washington, waves of hate crimes – these are all lies, just like the imminent death of the 6% of the US population from COVID within months announced back in April of 2020 and based on zero science. If you still believe all this outlandish crap, it’s really on you.

11 thoughts on “Blame Yourself

    1. In the USSR, anybody who took seriously what the Pravda said was considered demented. I can’t imagine anybody citing it as a serious source of information. And that was in a totalitarian regime with zero other sources of information.

      I don’t get it.

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      1. It is indeed mysterious. Most people I know IRL don’t take the news seriously (or even watch it)… but I’m a hermit by nature, so I have a small and tightly curated social circle. I’m aware, in a theoretical sense, that people still dig the evening news– my inlaws, for example– but… like the liberals who were shocked by Trump’s election, it’s very weird to me, because “I hardly know anyone who…” Sometimes it seems like CNN is simply broadcasting into the void. Could anyone be interested anymore? Everyone gets their news from the internet now. Even my elderly parents.

        Except my inlaws.

        I can’t gauge how much of the population my inlaws represent. They seem very alien to me.

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  1. “If by March 2020 you still somehow managed not to know that you can’t trust newspapers or TV programs to tell you whether sugar is sweet, then you are to blame.”

    Is scientific research in medicine now so corrupted that public health buffoons have been piling their BS on top of a giant manure heap of stinking research so thick and deep with BS that the COVID specific pseudo-science BS all just gets lost in a massive enormous sh**-pile of irreproducible studies?

    This link might lead one to that conclusion…


  2. I remember when NYT published the names of people who died with Covid when the number hit 10,000. Most of the people were in their late 70s, 80s, or 90s. While sad to friends and family, a death of an old person is a natural part of life. I remember people commented that it’s all Trumps fault, and OMG, so many deaths. I felt like I stepped into a circus. That’s when I cancelled my NYT subscription and never looked back.

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    1. I have today – TODAY – talked to a person who believes that COVID is equally deadly to an 88-year-old and 8-year-old. She got very emotional about it when I said it wasn’t true. And a high-ranking administrator announced today that “Omicron is ripping through the population of our state.” So yes, it’s totally like a glimpse into a circus. But a very sad one.

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        1. There are a lot of moronic parents in my area who still believe Covid is deadly to children, and also believe that a piece of cloth strapped over the face can save children from this deadly plague. At the beginning of the 2021 school year, the school board instituted a mask-optional policy for students, and a whole gaggle of parents went ballistic and demanded that EVERY child must wear a mask at ALL times because otherwise their precious fragile little darlings would be dropping like flies. After one irate father threatened to sue the district under the Americans with Disabilities Act unless a mask mandate was put in place, the board caved.


          1. These same parents will be demanding their kids get vaxxed and have all the boosters. And will go to their graves denying that their kids’ sudden inexplicable health problems could be side-effects.

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