Comedy Is Dead

I’m sorry, has anybody been able to read this and not laugh?

Are these losers trying to entertain? Or is there anybody who is so bereft of a sense of humor that they are not finding this funny?

11 thoughts on “Comedy Is Dead

  1. Imagine what a legend such as Rodney Dangerfield could do with all of this. He might say something like, “My kids hate me. I tell you. I get no respect; no respect at all. The other day, my doctor tells me I have to get these shots for the pandemic. Today, he tells me I can’t father children. I ask him, why didn’t you give me these shots 20 years ago.” Of course, whatever he said about this would be funny.

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  2. Its frightening isn’t it. But thats the state of science. Would you believe, its only in 2019 they stopped to ask ‘what happens if the chemicals in sunscreen are absorbed into the body’? Prior to 2019, they simply assumed that they weren’t. And we wonder why the more astute of us don’t really beleive what we are being told by the FDA, Government etc.

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      1. I got into a huge argument on another friend’s blog over masking to prevent covid, and the commenter with whom I was arguing expressed frank astonishment that I would listen to any expert who was not connected with the government.


  3. On the sunny side:

    It looks like the mandate for federal contractors has been poleaxed nationally by a federal judge! Yay! Two members of my immediate family were looking at being unemployed in January because of that mandate. It doesn’t look like a temporary action, either. The judge said the president didn’t have that power. I expect it’ll be appealed etc. but… I’m hopeful.

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    1. It’s great news. Unfortunately, Biden has forgotten the meaning of the word “executive” and is telling OSHA to go forward with the mandates, disregarding the now 3 different court orders to stop the mandates. And these are the people who keep whining about the destruction of democracy.

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      1. They love democracy, as long as they get to count the votes.

        We are on tenterhooks waiting for the January deadline, to see what happens. We are hoping the company my family works for will opt to go with the court order, and stay open. Enforcing the mandates has never been an option: if they can’t continue to operate without enforcing the mandates, they will shut down, and all 1000+ employees (vaxxed and unvaxxed alike) will be out of a job. I think it comes down to whether or not the fedgov will still pay for the work, if they don’t comply.

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  4. The longer this pandemic goes on, the most I want to be somewhere very, very far away from people. I also think that hermits are misunderstood and were probably mostly geniuses.

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  5. Combine this with the fact that vaccine makers are exempt from liability for damages, and that they are delaying on the court-ordered release of their paperwork on their own research just on the short term effects by releasing 500 pages of it a day for the next 50 YEARS, and it looks an awful lot like they knew it would be harmful.

    But that is just crazy conspiracy talk. We shouldn’t say that. That is ‘misinformation’. Why, it is ‘practically violence’ as a lot of the people I went to school with or hung out with are probably saying. Trust the fact checkers, comrades! They aren’t ideologically blinded by hubris, ignorance, groupthink, greed, self-righteousness, or anything we mere mortals might be afflicted with from time to time. They are above the laws of human nature. They are above logic, reason, or common sense.

    (I went to school in the bluest (and most affluent) suburb of one of the top five bluest states in the country, though I am neither blue nor particularly affluent. Does my conditioning show?)

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